Happening once, never reoccurring
Eyes closed and emotions whirring
I step far away and I crave it more
Have never felt this way before
This is the night a new era begins
Full of pain making up for sins
This night is precious- so sweet and so pure
Found something to keep me secure
Will I look back upon this lonesome night
Full of sadness and full of fright?
I know it will haunt all my daytime dreams
Suffocated by silent screams
But I'm smiling incredibly freely
This night would live on ideally
Of this time I can't imagine I would
View it as anything but good
I'll remember this night when close to tears
Warping my mind, erasing fears
It's a once in a lifetime lone event
Clearing all my needs to repent
Now scarlet blood runs down my soft white thighs
Washing away my dirty lies
And I understand when I feel this pain
My life will not be sane again