A/N:  This is a poem I was sitting there randomly writing as I was bored one night last week.  Just now am I getting it down, and posted. ^-^ Enjoy.  It's not about anyone.  Just something I thought up.  ^-^

DISCLAIMER:  You all know the drill by now, right?  ^^;;  Do I need to state it again?  ^^;;

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Two lovers perched on a summit
Together looking down at the world
Watching the mixing of brown and green
Clouds of black and indigo swirl

The twilight comes to greet them
Sending it's blanket of silver stars
The crescent moon their only witness
Together they search for Mars

Skies of blue, and gold await
Two lovers seek above
The cosmic bliss of eternal night
Among their celestial blanket of love

Two hearts beating at the same pace
Two bodies as one
As the evening falls
Together in mystery are laced

The night sends a chill
A bleak, Northern Wind
But they do not shiver
For the heat warms them from within

Flashes of color flow through the sky
Aurora Borealis, as they call it runs through
The two watch and are mesmerized
The love in their hearts being true

Returning to their time
They know this night won't last
For the sun will always rise
And make the night become the past

But soon the sun will set again
The night awaken from her sleep
For high above where the mountains kiss the sky
A promise they will keep

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