This Blood, These Wounds

Dripping from invisible wounds,
Making staining puddles on the floor.
These wounds will never stop bleeding.
She cannot hide from them.
He can't see the wounds...
The tearing in the skin of her soul,
He would laugh...
And laugh...
And the wounds would burn deeper,
Unbearable pain,
Festering inside.
This bleeding needs to stop.
The pains need to heal.
But she doesn't know how to stop it.
She just waits to die,
Shutting her eyes,
Clamping down on the screams,
Making them go away.
Trying to will it all away.
Flesh wounds will heal,
But how can she make her soul unbroken?
So she just waits...
These wounds are invisible to you,
But she can feel them all too well...
And he can see them,
Laughing at her pain,
Increasing the agonizing decay,
Of her broken body.
She shuts her eyes tight,
And prays for mercy...
Hoping for the angel of death,
To anesthetize this misery.