Your hands are tied and your mouth is closed
And you're trapped in this fairytale
A little world I have drawn for you and I
A nightmare lays behind my pretty pictures

You will lay among my flowers and do what I say
Wink your pretty eyes with a flick of my crayon
I'll erase any doubt that might flicker within the blue
Imagine what I can do for us in this fairy tale

The ocean will be clear and warm
You will wait for me in the clean, sparkling sand
We'll find sea shells that reflect your beauty
And stay away from the water that could ruin my illustrations

I can hide in my field of flowers and candy clouds
My tears will nourish their beauty when you don't look for me
There are no such flaws in my fairytale
It is drawn in permanent ink and nothing can be changed

But I've come to a problem when creating this tale
There is no blue color of crayon that match your ocean eyes
No tool sharp enough to cut around the hesitations
The fairytale I've created for us has fallen apart at it's bindings