A/N: This is for another friend of mine. I just hope she knows its for her. No, this isn't for Ange. For once. After all, this friend is an angel too, not mine, but she is. It still sucks though. I wish it were better. *sigh* "Tenshi" means "Angel" in Japanese.

© battousai24

Your mere voice calms me
It stops me from insanity
Somehow, although I don't know why
Your tears make me cry

I dare not try to hurt you
Although I always do
I promise I'll never leave
Even though you makee bleed

You may not understand me
but your care is enough, you see
I care as well, I swear
'Coz I know you're always there

Among the shadows , you see my fears
In the rain, you notice the tears
Somehow I know you're different
For some reason, I'm sure you're my friend