Don't long for a love,
That has since passed,
Don't hold onto a future,
Not within your grasp.

Don't cry for someone,
Who's no longer around,
Don't talk to them my darling,
When they're six feet in the ground.

Don't hold onto a hope,
When there's no hope left,
My beautiful crier,
Don't deal with death.

My beautiful crier,
Dry your tears,
Your love may have left,
But in your heart he's still here.

My beautiful crier,
You have many days ahead.
Open you eyes,
No tears should you shed.

My love my darling,
You may be in pain,
But he still loves you,
Although he's on death's train.

My beautiful crier,
Your eyes you have opened,
Goodbye to a past love,
Death's spell is now broken.

By Siobhan
Date: 29/June/2004