Wish for the future,
Hope for a dream,
Continue to live,
Unknown and unseen.

Sing for the life,
You'll never hold,
Imagine the prince,
Your heart you've sold.

A Cinderella life,
Sad and unforgiving,
To many tears you've shed,
Too many days of endless living.

A continuance of soul-break,
A free seat to hell,
Away from protective arms,
A ticket you wish to sell.

A blanket of tears,
Drench your skin,
A home of screams,
Echo within.

A Cinderella Life,
Forgotten and untold,
A prisoner of breath,
A life willingly sold.

A Cinderella life,
No longer lived by you,
Flee this world, leave behind,
Nothing but one shoe.

By Siobhan

Date: 28/June/2004