Rocker chick

She moved as if the world was her stage
the lights set music starting and she sang
Her voice so pure and sweet
Haunting auras lingering on dark streets

Foot falls the beat of her world
Ever changing audience
On tour and as before she bows
But no one understands
They don't see the mic
Hear the music in her head
Feel the drive to perform

She tosses her hair and boards the train
There's nothing but pain around her
And that's what she sings about now
The old people huddled in corners clutching purses and pills
Bowed balding heads holding decades of history
It's a mystery to me how far they've been
and where they have yet to go

But she knows
She smiles at the old men with their liver spotted hands
And disembarks
Humming to the tune of wheels on rail
Her song swells as she moves along
The road ahead is a long one
An encore in cement and street lights

Home is a dim beacon offstage
Ahead ios the long road to freedom
She smiles craks up the volume on her air guitar
And lets it wail like sirens in the night
Now people see her they stare
She smiles behind half closed eyes
As the drum solo kicks in bringing the concert to a close
Its over now and thr tour is at its end
The band packs up and drives away
The cameras are gone
But fans linger on
Staring discretely from newly watered lawns
Or glancing over shoulders from door alcoves
Keys in hand ready to applaud
She smiles and wave to those adorning fans
But now the show is over she has returned to her roots
The home she grew up in
The hood she remembers
The friends from highschool
The parents who supported and stood by her side

All falsities dropped she smiles and opens her house door
The chaos within settles to a steaming simmer
Waiting to build up and boil over when once she leaves again
The rockstar life is here on the street but once through this door
When she needs the comfort the most she is denied
And forced to bear the harshness of reality

Sighing audibly she wades through the drama
Silently wishing herself away
Praying for the stage the fans the cameras
She picks up a beat and stomps it up the stairs
The music never dies in her head
At the landing she turns and bows
Siblings below glare and shout