Crimson Africa
Sequel to the Third Day
Written by Alareic

Taken from Carlos Swinton's Diary, 2014

"It's been ten years since the Third Day. It's haunted them ever since. Karen was sent to an asylum two years ago. None of us have ever heard about, or from her since. We don't know what they're doing to her, but we don't think she's insane at all. We've committed our lives to stopping Yyse- Corp, which was now under major pressure from the press, authorities, and the President himself. The video tapes had given detailed evidence of how Yyse had done this whole thing. Madison Steele, another one of the survivors was working on the case. San Wan had disappeared, gone into hiding. David and Kira went to Iowa, and haven't been heard from since. We don't know where they went. The only known whereabouts of the survivors is me, Carlos."

"So, you're the last man alive, basically?"

"Yes. I have most of the evidence that could put away Yyse forever, and they could never perform any of their experiments again."

"Well, that Ann Welson seems to be saying the opposite thing about this. Do you have detailed evidence? Pictures? Videos? Recordings? Any from these people you say?"

"Yes, I've got the video tapes from their meetings. Here they are." Carlos reached into his bag and took out the video tapes wrapped in a box.

"This is so important. Do not let this leave you hands." The lawyer looked around his office, making sure no one was peeping.

"Can we watch it here?" he asked. Carlos nodded, and wheeled a mobile TV over to the lawyer, and grabbed the box. He ripped it open, and took one of the tapes and inserted it into the VCR. He pressed play.

After two minutes, the lawyer seemed to be turned.

"I agree with your statement Carlos. I will bring this into court tomorrow, and see Yyse Corp be destroyed and put out of business. A job well done." Carlos smiled and thanked him, and grabbed his suitcase and left the law firm.


Carlos waved over a taxi. It pulled in front of him. He opened the door and got in.

"To 1324, Mile Drive please." The driver nodded, and then rolled off the street into an alley. The driver seemed to remember something?"

"Wait...1324? Isn't that where that insane person lives?"

"No. There's no one insane there. I live there now."

"I remember someone saying there was someone insane!"

"It doesn't matter Sir. Please continue driving." The driver shrugged, and rumbled down the highway onto Mile drive.


Carlos gave the driver a twenty, and then shut the door. The taxi sped off into the misty night. Carlos walked up the steps, and knocked three times. The door opened, and Carlos smiled. His son, Alan was standing there. He had shaving cream on his face.



"Dad!" Alan rushed onto the porch and hugged his dad.

"I haven't seen you for such a long time!" Carlos smiled and hugged him again.

"I can't believe you even remember me, I left when you were ten! Alan smiled and welcomed him into the house.

"Don't worry, Mom's not married. She's still here. Oh, and did I tell you I failed math? Science? Chemistry?" Carlos laughed.

"Alan, first of all, you can't tell your mother I'm here." Alan froze.


"Because, I'm leaving again." Alan dropped his shaver.

"You are?"

"Yes. I've got some important business to attend to down in Africa. It''s concerning Yyse Corp."

"You mean that company that was sued by someone?"


"Oh. Well, how long will you be?"

"I...don't know Alan."

"But you just got here!"

"I'm sorry, but the world is on a break of collapse. I need to attend to this matter, or I may be to late to do anything about it." Alan stepped back, his eyes filling with tears.

"But you..."

"Alan, I'm leaving."

"Dad! I joined the Army Reserves!" Carlos stopped, and turned to Alan, eyes filling with anger.

"You what?" he whispered.

"I joined, hoping I could find you. I haven't seen you forever!" Carlos closed his eyes, and then opened the door.

"Don't tell Carrie that I came, understand?"

"Yes." Carlos was about to open the door, when he suddenly felt so sad. He turned to his son.

"I'm so sorry. I've always loved do Alan. I always will." Carlos smiled again, and then he left the house.

That was a year ago. now, I'm here in my little office cramped up. I'm working on a antidote for the Y-Virus. I've got a team of researchers that are helping me out. We're taking samples of African plant that has chemicals that were found in our Y samples. We're trying to find a way to reverse the change and make an antidote. Our last experiment was on a monkey. The decaying process took a lot longer than we expected, but we need to urge our research farther. We're very close on a breakthrough. I have to stop writing now, I'm needed.

Carlos V. Swinton A/N: I will try and make longer chapters. This is only the beginning folks, like an interlude. All the interludes will be taken from Carlos' diary. Cheers!