Crimson Africa

Written by Alareic

Colonel Alfred Bangcroft looked out the window of the tiny bunker, and wiped his forehead with a napkin. It was extremely hot in his uniform, but he had to look good for the Admiral that would soon be coming in to conduct a survey on how well he's done as a Colonel. This was done since Bernard Pinaye had started the TTD incident.

Bangcroft turned to his associate.

"Get some water. Freeze it so the Admiral can have a good cup. I want you to clear out after that. We need a good cut here so I can get promoted. Besides, this Admiral hates me so I need to look my best." There was a knock on the door, and his associate ran to it and opened it. He saluted them man at the door, and stood at attention, clearing the way into the bunking. A tall man stepped in with brown hair, and a soul patch on his chin.

"Admiral," said Bangcroft, saluting him.

"Colonel Bangcroft. May I have a glass of water?" Bangcroft smiled and pointed to the desk at the glass of water.

"Here Sir." Bangcroft took the glass of water and gave it to the Admiral. The Admiral nodded and took a long gulp. He wiped his mouth and then set the glass down, wanting to get down to business.

"Well Sir, how does it look?"

"It looks actually quite well Colonel. Your men seem to be in top shape. The base is organized, seems to be holding up a good defence. Your men know how to address an Admiral properly, so I'm not worried about that. But, have the actually been in battle?" Bangcroft was silent for a moment, but held his composure. He sat down in his chair.

"No sir. My men have never been in a real live battle before." The Admiral's expression darkened, not sure what to say.

"Does this lower my evaluation sir?" The Admiral shook his head. He put both of his hands on the desk and looked into Bangcroft's eyes.

"Have they ever killed anyone? Do they know what the smell and taste of blood is? Have they ever experienced pain? Hurt? Suffering?"

Bangcroft looked away.

"No sir, they have not." The Admiral smirked, and then turned around.

"I'd get your men ready Colonel. I didn't come for an evaluation. I came to give you orders. I have a mission for you." Bangcroft shot up, and was at attention.

"Sir yes Sir!"

"Cut the crap Alfred." Bangcroft stuttered for a moment, and then went into 'at-ease'.

The Admiral began to pace the bunker.

"A research team, working on their own under no employment went into the African Jungle to find a cure or develop one for the Y-Virus from Yyse Corp. Of course, this was originally Black Ops, but the survivors leaked it out. Yyse Corp is now on the verge of collapsing, and we're almost at our goal. But those researchers are needed in case of another outbreak. We need to find a cure for the virus."

"I understand sir, but why is my squad needed for this?"

"Colonel, you've got the best base set up here. You've got ten tents. Research Areas, Crew Quarters, Cafeteria, Medical, I don't really want to go into the details. Your men are ready for this kind of thing I think, but I don't know if they'll be able to take it emotionally."

"I'm sure they are ready for anything sir."

"I don't know. As I was saying, the research team contacted us 72 hours ago. They said that they were at the brink of developing a cure. Then, they contacted us again, 24 hours ago, They had created a cure of the virus that would kill the cells killing the organisim and began new cell build up. They had taken the chemical from one of the plants."

"I see Sir."

"After that, we lost contact. They never called again. Using the Hubble, we did thermal scans. NV (Night Vision) scans for them, but nothing came up. Only tents. They seemed to have been wrecked by some sort of fight. There was probably a riot."

"What would you like us to do sir?"

"Stay patient Colonel, I'm not finished. We imputed a new device into the Hubble, that was used for doing special bacterial scans. It was originally suppose to be used on the other planets, but we need it here. We scanned the jungle. There seems to be bacteria from the Y-virus itself, and is mutating. We checked again after 24 hours. It has already began to infect the organisms there."

"Permission to ask question, sir!"


"Are there any villages, or soldiers already sent?"

"Yes. We sent in the Delta Force right after we found the mutating bacteria. They've been gone for two hours. We lost contact with them also."

"Jesus………" Bangcroft muttered. The Admiral nodded grimily, and sat in the chair in front of his desk.

"We can only think that the Delta Force was killed by the enemy. We think that Yyse Corp sent in a Strike Team to get rid of the cure for the virus. We don't know why, but we need someone to find out. We can only hope that will be your job."

"Sir, is there any villages nearby?" The Admiral closed his eyes, and nodded.

"Two kilometres away from the camp that the researchers made. We need you to clear them out without letting them know what's going on at all times. If we leak one thing out to them, we're going to be in such deep shit." Bangcroft was surprised- he did not expect an Admiral to swear.

"Is there anything else sir?"

"Yes. We have documents on the people we would like you to actually have in your rescue squad. We picked up the profiles from the main office. I'm sure you'll agree with us." Bangcroft took the profiles they gave him, and opened up the first one.



AGE: 22




AGE: 32




AGE: 22




AGE: 36




AGE: 23




AGE: 24



SEX: MALE       

AGE: 43


Bangcroft looked up at the Admiral.

"None of these people are in my squad sir." The Admiral smiled and winked.

"Now they are." The Admiral pointed to the door, and gestured for Bangcroft to look outside. He was puzzled, but got up and looked outside the window of the bunker. There was his new team of operatives, all standing out there in the blazing sandstorm.

"Meet your operatives. That helicopter's for me. There's an extra, Anna Sullivan, she's going to be your communications expert and will be in contact with them at all times. Equipment is in the chopper." Bangcroft looked at the Admiral, and he was smiling at him.

"Don't be worried, I have complete faith in you." And at that word, he left out of the bunker. Bangcroft stood there for a moment, and jumped when he heard the door slam. There was his team looking quite confused. Bangcroft put down the documents, and addressed them as nicely and as calmly as he could.

"Well, hello to all of you. My name is Colonel Alfred Bangcroft. I'll be your new commander for this mission." A man held out his hand. He looked strong and muscular and had a good sense of nature and battle. He had obviously a lot of experience judging from the scars on his arms.

"Dennis Ashcroft, Sir!" Bangcroft nodded, and went to the next person. It was a lady, and she had white blond hair, and was average height. He recognized her from somewhere, he just didn't know where.

"Excuse me, do I know you?" he asked Loa. She stood up straight.

"Sir, no sir!"

"Uh………alright then." He went to the next person. She had long blond hair, and wore large spectacles. She was clutching a book, and smiling. Her smile was beautiful.

"Amelia Jenkins Sir." Bangcroft smiled and went to the next person. It was an old guy, probably in his forties. He had blackish grey hair, and was a very experienced soldier.

"Brennan Ashton sir!" This guy knew what he was doing. He had probably killed people before. Bangcroft was looking at him.

"You ex-Delta Force?"

"Sir yes Sir!" Bangcroft nodded, and went the next person. She was tall and was wearing a casual outfit. It looked as if she had been whooshed out of her house.

"Kaia Portman sir."

"Nice to meet you Miss Portman." Bangcroft went to the next guy, a young man with one ear pierced and seemed to be confident enough for the mission.

"Eric Jaden sir."

"Nice to meet you." Bangcroft walked in front of the last man in the line. He seemed nervous around Bangcroft, but kept his cool.

"Hunter Johnston Sir!"

"Good job." Bangcroft walked to the middle of the room, and faced his new team.

"Have you been briefed on the current mission soldiers?" They all replied:


"Let me explain then. Your mission is to search for the lost researchers that were trying to create an antidote for the Y-Virus. They came out of contact. Also, the Delta Force was sent in to rescue them. They also lost contact. We're the Private Delta Force, and they need our support. Now, there are also two villages two km from the camp that the researchers were at. We need to get them out of there without saying anything at all about the virus outbreak. We cannot let them know."


"Good. Now get to the Medical Tent. There, you will get your shots to keep you awake from our doctor, Kaia Winters. After that, report back to me, all of you! Go! Go! Go!" They all jogged out of the bunker and began to sprint towards the Med tent. The associate came to him.

"Sir, we need to equip them." Bangcroft sat down and put his feet on his desk.

"Give them their weapon of choice, if we have it. Give the researchers and demolitions Glocks. They should be fine. Also, give extra clips in case they run out………I know what happened at that city………I was there, working as one of the Colonels."

"You were?!"

"Yeah. They kicked me out, and of course, I reported. You've got your orders, chop-chop!" The associate saluted, and then ran out of the tent. Bangcroft remembered something and then called him back.

"Please make sure that Miss Sullivan can get the communications up as soon as possible. After that, just help get the Deltas back." The associate saluted again, and the ran out of the tent. Bangcroft opened his drawers and took out his family picture. He silently prayed.

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