Crimson Africa

Written by Alareic

The Cafeteria tent was much bigger than it looked from the outside. It looked as if it was complete with washrooms, a vending machine, about ten four metre tables, a buffet complete with tons of food, and, TV. This Colonel was obviously incredibly nice to his soldiers, and was also extremely tolerant of their actions.

Hunter Johnston sat down at one of the tables, and looked at the TV Screen. There was nothing on at the moment. There had probably been some kind of satellite break up or something, because when he arrived there was a soccer game on. He wondered what the Admiral would think of this little device inside their tent. Hunter turned forward again and adjusted his glasses which were falling off his nose. He steadied them, and some kind of waitress came to him.

"Are you the Deltas?" she asked. Hunter nodded, as well as a few other people beside him.

"Alright then. What are your orders?" Hunter shook his head for a second, and looked at the menu that was hanging above the buffet.

"Got any beer?" yelled one of the Deltas from behind the crowd. Hunter turned, and saw that the yeller was Dennis Ashcroft, the loudest man hunter had ever met, but an excellent shooter. Hunter had just been given a lousy gun. The waitress looked up and Ashcroft and scowled.

"We don't got any beer here son. This is the Army." Ashcroft smirked and shot back at this comment.

"Well ya got TV!" A few of the Deltas giggled a bit, but the waitress didn't look that happy at all. Still scowling, she turned down to Hunter and smiled.

"Just a coffee, thanks." She smiled again and yelled out at the rest of the crowd.

"Anyone want coffee?" About three hands went up. The waitress shrugged, and went back into the kitchen to brew the coffee. A hand on Hunter's shoulder startled him, and there was a woman also with glasses. She was smiling, and she sat beside him. She had blond hair tied in a ponytail and had two dimples on her cheeks. She also had beautiful teeth. Hunter smiled and shook her hand.

"I'm Amelia," she said to him, "I'm your research partner." Hunter smiled and took the cup of coffee that the waitress handed him.

"I'm………Hunter Johnston." Amelia smiled at him and sat down beside him. She waved up her hand for a coffee, and then turned to Hunter, looking not say happy at all. She eyed her surroundings suspiciously, and then whispered to Hunter.

"I heard Ashcroft is going to be our leader………I don't like him. He's very rude. He was bothering me on the way here. I mean, come on, I was whisked out of my apartment with a phone call saying this was a matter for the United States Army and I was to be part of the whole thing. The nerve of some people!" Hunter nodded, not really knowing how she felt.

"I'm a single mother, I've got two kids, Ashley and Emily, and now they've got to stay with my ex husband for as long as this takes. They said it would take maximum two days, but I'll probably not be doing field work, office work." Hunter nodded, and took a sip of coffee.

"Did you know that the doctor and Miss Portman have the same name?" announced Amelia. Hunter looked at her for a second.

"No, I didn't." It hit her that she wasn't getting through, so she just got up and left. Hunter watched her leave, wishing he hadn't been so cold. He had been in the exact situation. They had taken him out of his home at the most inappropriate time. It was his mother's birthday, and just before he was going to blow out the candles, the call had come asking him to come quickly. He had grudgingly accepted the mission, knowing that he was being paid big time.

They had taken him from England. He was an Oxford Professor there, and had just started work. He was quickly working his way up the Staff's Ranks, and in two weeks was one of the most respected teachers in the school. His mother was British, but he had been born and raised in New Zealand. He was so close to becoming Deputy Headmaster, but then he had received the call. He hoped that they wouldn't replace him with another person. For Hunter's age, he acted quite maturely.


Kaia Portman was sipping her tea gingerly when a woman appeared out of nowhere. She had been standing near her when the team had been introduced to Colonel Bangcroft. She was Amelia Jenkins, author of five Biology books that had one more than two awards.

"Hi, Miss Portman?" she asked. Kaia went out of her trance, and shook her hand.

"Hi, call me Kaia."

"I'm Amelia, nice to meet you Kaia. I'm a researcher as well, also Mr. Johnston." Amelia pointed to a young man who looked as if he had been hit by a bus. Kaia was actually surprised. They had chosen a young guy? Young woman were ok in her books. But a young guy? He probably hasn't even reached puberty yet.

"A know, looks like a slacker don't he?" said Amelia, also probably thinking the same thing as Kaia.


"Did you know, I searched his background, he's one of the most respected people in Oxford? He works there as a Professor. He was born in New Zealand, raised there too, and then just recently he moved to England to pursue a better career.  He's………quite a charmer," she said sarcastically.  Kaia nodded knowingly.

"He's young." Amelia raised on eyebrow.

"You're only a year older." Kaia smiled.

"But I'm a girl." Amelia laughed, and then got up. She shook Kaia's hand again.

"I've got to be going. I should introduce myself to the others." Kaia smiled and went back to sipping her coffee.


Loa Maclennan was standing outside of the Cafeteria Tent when a man came up to her. He saluted her, and then went at ease.

"Loa Maclennan?" he asked. This guy was one of their pilots. She nodded, and stood up straight, stretching her back.

"Colonel Bangcroft asked me to show you your aircraft you will be flying. He also told me that you're going to go in with the others as well." Loa nodded, expecting this. The pilot shrugged, and motioned her to follow him. He led her around a bunch of tents, and then into an open area. Loa's mouth dropped open.

It was an Osprey Vx. 234/2. It was one of the rarest types of birds in the whole world. It had stealth paint, army camouflage, machine gun turrets on each wing, and a flare gun. The pilot sensed her admiration.

"We ordered her yesterday, just arrived. I haven't flown her yet. You wanna step inside?" Loa nodded slowly, and began to walk towards the Osprey. The came to the door, and let the pilot unlock it. He handed her the keys to it.

"The Red one's for the ignition. The blue is for unlocking. Green is for turrets/weapons unlocking. White is for communication boxes. Orange is for the weapons locker in the back. It's all down on the front, pilot's compartment." He pointed to a little drawer beside the pilot's seat. The Osprey smelled like a new car waiting to be driven. Loa walked into the Passenger Area. There were two long leather benches on either side of the bird. Above, were weapon compartments, baggage compartments, lots of things. Loa receded further, and to her surprise, a mini bathroom. The pilot laughed behind her.

"New invention in the Ospreys. You never know when it strikes." Loa, laughing, went back. Then she stopped.

"Aren't Ospreys for one-person-flight?" The pilot nodded.

"This is one of the first Ospreys that carry more than three people. It's a passenger prototype. It works fairly well actually. As I said, it's never been flown. It was driven here by a truck. You'll be able to try soon." Loa nodded, and smiled at the pilot.


Eric Jaden looked at his team, wondering why he was set up with this clan of clowns. The big man beside him was looking at him for a while, as if he was dying to say something to him. The man cleared his throat, and then addressed Eric.

"Hi. Name's Brennan Ashton." Eric smiled at him, and shook his hand.

"Jaden, Eric Jaden, demolitions." Ashton smiled.

"Why do we need a demo expert? I don't think we'll be blowing anything up." Eric looked around, and then whispered.

"I think that they're not telling us everything. The Admiral knows a little bit more thank we think he does. Besides, more fun for the party, right?" Ashton's expression darkened. He looked away, looking hurt.

"War is no game, or party." Eric realized his mistake.

"I wasn't implying that, sorry." Ashton rolled his eyes.

"You kiddies have never been in war before. You don't know what it's like to take someone's life on orders from another." Eric nodded, knowing the man's pain. He had probably gone through this for a long time, knowing that he had indeed taken lives for war. It was a grim terrible thing, and they were about to go into it. Ashton leaned over to Eric.

"Dennis Ashcroft is a bad man. He was in my Delta Squad before I retired. He screwed us all, and almost got us killed. He expects everyone to look up to him. I hope that we're going to be split up into two teams so we can be safe. The researchers are vital to the mission. If they die, we're all screwed." Eric knew. Ashton patted him on the shoulder, and then walked outside of the cafeteria tent. Eric turned back to his sloppy eggs, and continued eating.


Bangcroft's associate knocked on the bunker's door.

"Enter!"  The associate came in, and shut the door behind him. He came up with the status report.

"Sir, our men are showing them the ropes. Miss Loa has been introduced to her Osprey, and as soon as Jay has fed them all, we're going into the Med tent for the injections and check-ups on them. Before the Admiral left, I asked him about the check-ups. He said that if any of the operatives have a cold or illness, we can replace them with one of ours. All except the researchers. We must first go to the US Army base on an island off the Coast of Africa. Loa will be transporting them from Africa to the Island for check-ups, discoveries, and research. Also, if they find any survivors, they will take them to an isolated area of the base. There, the researchers will do tests on the survivors- nothing too painful. Did you get all that sir? Also, you'll be going with them to the base, to keep in contact all times along side Anna Sullivan. She's already loaded equipment into the Osprey. We're leaving in one day." Bangcroft nodded, a bit cross that the Admiral didn't mention this at all.

"Also, I'll be watching over the base while you're gone. We'll keep in frequent contact at all times." Bangcroft nodded. He watched the team exit to the med tent. He took off his uniform, and got into his casual jogging suit. He left the bunker.

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