The Last Dance by writerforever

Chapter 1

Mariah the Dance Instructor

New York City 2001

A cold wind was blowing through the great and exciting city of New York. Patches of dirty snow lay on the streets and in the alley ways. People walked along the streets and went into the shops and stores. In the deepest part of New York City a lone figure stood in a dark alley. She raised her arms to the sky and began to dance. Her shoulder length brown hair swayed as she danced in the alley. The feeling of dancing filled her heart with such a joy and passion that words could not describe. . .

"Mariah? Mariah wake up," a voice said. Mariah jerked her head up from where it lay on her desk. It took a few moments for her eyes to adjust to her surroundings. Finally she realized that she wasn't in an alley dancing but instead she was sitting in the 'Dream Dance Studio'. She looked up at the young blonde headed woman who stood in front of her desk and sighed, "I am so sorry Tina. I must have fallen asleep," Mariah said as she pushed back strands of her brown hair that had escaped from the tight bun at the nape of her neck. "You've got to take a break Mariah. You're going to kill yourself," Tina said. "You know I can't take a break. I have students to teach," Mariah said as she stood. "Speaking of students they are all waiting for you on the dance floor," Tina said as she turned and walked away.

Mariah turned and went into the bathroom. She stared at her complexion in the mirror. Her hair was a mess and she had dark circles under her eyes from loss of sleep. At twenty-one-years-old Mariah was a very attractive young woman with a light tan complexion. She was also a very experienced dancer and she had managed to become a dance instructor at 'Dream Dance Studio'. It had been a long journey for her before she had made it to the top as a professional dancer.

Sighing Mariah pulled her hair loose and put it back in a bun at the nape of her neck. Brushing her hands down the black pants and shirt she wore Mariah took a deep breath. Turning and leaving the bathroom she went onto the dance floor where her students stood waiting. "I'm sorry about the wait. Are you guys ready?" she asked smiling. The students nodded but some seemed a bit leery. "Today we are going to practice the basic dance moves," Mariah said as music sounded through the speakers and filled the room. Mariah took a deep breath and held out her arms. It was a technique she had always done before starting a dance. It somehow helped her to relax and it helped her to perform. Mariah then began to move across the wooden dance floor moving her feet and arms. The students watched in awe as she danced around the room alone. Coming to an abrupt stop Mariah turned to the students, "Now, it is your turn. Just move your feet and do as I do. We'll take is slow at first. . ."

Outside the 'Dream Dance Studio' a young man stood in the cold. He stared up at the big dance studio and smiled. All of his life he had dreamed of coming to a place like this. Although he was not all that good at dancing Marc Lopez wanted to learn. He had read all the books about dancing and watched almost all of the movies. Since he and his parents had moved from Houston, Texas to New York City he now stood a chance of becoming a professional dancer.

Stepping inside the dance studio a smile spread across Marc's face. He could hear music coming from what must be the dance room. He went to the door and peered into the dance room. He saw several people standing out on the dance floor watching as a young woman showed a girl foot movements. Marc watched in wonderment as the young woman danced side by side with the girl. Wanting a better view Marc quietly stepped in the dance room. He leaned up against the wall all the while watching the young woman.

Mariah could feel eyes upon her and she looked around the room. Her eyes fell upon a young man who was standing at the far end of the dance floor. She knew he wasn't one of her students and she wondered why he was here. At that moment Tina, Mariah's agent, stepped up to the young man.

"Excuse me sir but you are not supposed to be in here," Tina said to the young man. "I'm sorry it's just I couldn't help myself," Marc said. He picked up his backpack and exited the dance room. "How do I take lessons here? How much does it cost and all that stuff?" Marc asked Tina. "Well, we'll make you an appointment and then you have to fill our a form. But it costs quite a bit," Tina said. "The money isn't a problem. I'm sure my family can afford it," Marc said. Tina raised her eyebrows, "Okay, come with me and I'll get you a form you can take home and fill out. But I'll need your name," Tina said. "It's Marc Lopez and thank you for your time. I'll see you soon," Marc said as he turned and exited the studio clutching the fill-out form in his hands.

To Be Continued. . .

P.s. I know it probably seems boring but it's going to get better. I can use ALL the help I can get with those of you who know how to dance. So please help me if you can with dance moves, tips, and things like that. I will appreciate it very much. Thanks.