Morbid Fairy Tale

I am held back by chains of blackened rose woven among the arctic gates
My raven feather wings smoldering in the embers of his absence
Upon the abandoned, gothic castle midnight dawns and with it looms
A newly revealed orb of shrieking luminosity

But what should the light capture but my very own crimson resent
Trickling along the thorny restraints, overriding their mossy tone
As I sob within myself, too miserable to cry aloud as I so earnestly wish
For my heaven and hell have meshed so violently, and I shudder at the

In the far distance, a shadow is cast atop the glorious quartz walkway
A noble figure is ceremoniously approaching, gliding along the river of
reflected moonlight
Despite a soul full of dread and a heart full of apprehension, I'm bound
To the intricate icicle gateway frozen only by my own hatred and regret

Before I can plot a daring escape from the clutches of hypothetical death
A torrential rain drenches me in relief, transforming embers into ash
Falling to the tender Earth and henceforth becoming Mother Nature's burden
Yet an instant later, the tanzanite waterfall ceases, becoming nothing more
than a mere memory

The shadow is upon me now, sword drawn, enhancing my already horrid
Almost certainly in the cold and withered mask of death, I am befuddled
For in the core of his shadow, my heart syncopates gaily as if to mock his
authority over me
But the rhythm soon halts as like a bird of prey in a fit of desperation,
the blade swoops down

With a sharp, ear-splitting snap, I am no longer confined to this bloody
The rose vines fall to the muddy ground surrounding me as I hold myself
A sudden realization rushes over me as I am relieved that I am alive and I
have acheived liberty
All because of this shady, wandering man, so I take time to observe and
evaluate my savior

It is in these fateful moments that darkness overcomes my defenseless soul,
the familiarity of this slightly creepy
An ominous breeze cues shivers to erupt down my sore spine and sends a
heavy message of mistrust to my heart
Sticking out over his full, sizzling kunzite lips are two menacing daggers,
each shimmering merrily and rejoicing in the moonlight
A vampire is my valiant rescuer?

Showered in a spotlight of snow-white brilliance, he kneels down
respectfully and highly gentlemanly
As he makes his introduction, modesty and sincerity seep through his eyes
and mouth
Benevolence shining brighter than Lady Moon herself entrances me as do his
Never ending tunnels of foggy mystery, and I find myself yearning to unveil
the answers

Gentle warmth is upon my face, dripping with the reassurance that subdued
the previously scorching embers
It is his hand, caressing my tears until they are no longer within the
realms of existence
Like moonlight to a lake, our eyes meet, and I see my shining, inaccurate
Then I understand, his eyes don't reflect who I appear to be, but who I am
within my tattered and abused heart

My disheveled attire allows another cooling zephyr to paralyze me in a fit
of internal arctic stillness
My frozen expression tempts the timid vampire into a warm embrace, calming
my panicky spirit
One thing leads to another and soon, our lips meet in a blissful chorus of
expression and love
His lips make their way, as if guided, to a patch of weak skin on my
vulnerable neck.

The confides of my pain are pierced as I feel my suffering and anguish
being drained from my body
Unhappiness is being sucked out by this supernatural acquaintance and now
good friend
I am rid of all unwanted sentiment in these few fatal moments, and only
certainty remains
Sureness and confidence, knowing that this is the proper course in which to

Pain and pleasure both erupt in a newfound sensation, a transformation of
my abilities
For I am no longer under the designation of human, but vampire now and
As he pulls away with utmost subtlety, I gaze upon my very own liquid ruby
staining his pale chin
Worth the world to him, for he may now live for another forty-eight hours

Staring now down the crystal pathways, I see my future with such diamond
clarity I am almost frightened
As the hate melts away and thus the gate is no more, my raven wings remain
slightly singed
From remains of a once raging fire, yet they still permit me flight
A sweet, heroic tattoo forevermore engraved in the left side of my neck

And our spirits collide, become one, as we soar above all of creation in a
flurry of dazzling shadow
His sleek, bat-like wings flapping boldly in the ensnaring darkness, as we
head off to greet that horizon
This requited feeling is obscuring our sense of direction, but we are
carelessly in love, so we take no notice
We're together at last; thus bringing this unexpected fairy tale to a
close, or is it a beginning?