Did I sign up for this,
Did I ask for this
Did you ever see me begging on my knees, for this?
Alive and kicking
Free spirit, but you fear it
You can't understand what you can't destroy
Red and ticking
An angry clock on the wall
You best understand emotions you can employ.

Sometimes, you love something so much
You let it bring you down until you've fallen through the floor
And sometimes,
Something hurts you so much
You'd destroy it completely so it can't take your pieces anymore.

There's a calm before the storm, they say
Sometimes winter lasts all year
Sometimes you're cold and angry
Because you don't know what to fear
The red clock on the wall is just ticking away
Gaining a couple minutes, moving faster every day
Cold and shuttered inside
Warmth never melts that which you choose to hide
Now I wonder
Did I earn this
Because sometimes I think that something better must exist
Doesn't matter, so long as I know it's better
The damn thing's all askew
Five seconds go by, and the next time it's two
And you keep begging me to make sense for you?

Disobeying again
You can't refracture a break that never did mend
Free spirit, you can't get near it,
You can't own it so you just fear it
You can't break this newest toy
A plaything you can't destroy
What you can't dominate you don't want near you anymore
I'm not here for this-
Something better must exist-
You think you lost control, when it was never there before.