Hidden Grove

There is a small, hidden grove that I retreat to.

To find safety from the world.

I go there when I'm sad and when I'm afraid.

It is my grove,

no one knows anything about it.

About its beautiful fields of rust colored grass,

its endless pink sky,

or its comforting trees of azure leaves and crimson bark.

My hidden grove is a surreal world of fantasy.

While I am there, I don't have a care.

No one is stronger than me, or smarter than I am.

I have nothing to be afraid of while I'm there.

But yet, there is something missing....

While I sit there,

under the azure and crimson trees,

I feel empty and hollow.

I am lonely.

My grove protects me from the outside world by shielding me from it.

Only I am there,

no other soul.

The more time I spend there, the worse I feel.

But it's better than outside of my grove.

The warm breeze that blows through the rust grass tries to soothe me,

the azure arms of the crimson trees try to cradle me,

and the entire grove sings to me.

I love my grove, but it's not enough....

One day, I decided to leave my grove.

I began to journey away from it,

looking for something to cure me.

Without the protection of my grove, though, I was weak.

Many times I felt like I was going to be crushed.

It seemed to me like the taint of the land was moving to me.

I felt dirty and ashamed.

But then one day something changed....

I had found a beautiful forest.

It reminded me of the grove I had left behind.

There were blue-needled pines,

and a sky dotted with warm and fluffy clouds,

and most importantly of all, a fair maiden of these woods.

She played an enchanting melody on her flute.

It enticed me to meet her.

I dared not enter at first.

I feared the taint of the lands beyond this forest,

and beyond my grove,

would follow me in.

I admired this celestial being and her woods, though.

Everyday I built my courage,

preparing to enter the forest and meet this beauty.

Every moment that past while I watched these woods made me realize I was strong.

I gathered all the strength and courage I could muster I expelled the taint.

I entered the majestic forest.

I met the fair maiden with the enchanting toon.

She was startled at first,

and was I.

But she soon welcomed me into the forest of blue-needled pines,

and fluffy clouds,

and I showed her my hidden grove of crimson trees and pink skies.

Everyday after, my grove and her forest grew closer together.

And my feeling of loneliness was gone...