I read your poems about the boys you've loved,

and the boy you love.

You would have fulfilled their every desire just to be with them,

and been a slave to them.

You morn when you are turned away by them,

but yet you love them still after they do.

I thought you were foolish.

It seems I was a fool.

Fate has always been against me,

even from the very beginning.

I hate fate,

and I think that's why I don't believe in her,

but she is spiteful.

I didn't realize it at first,

but one day it hit me,

I was falling for you.

It was glorious.

I saw things in a new perspective.

I had even praised fate!

But that was not to last...

It occurred to me,

when I was writing poems about you,

and when I would fulfill your every desire just to be with you

and become you slave,

you loved another.

I mourned when I knew that you would turn me away.

I thought I was foolish.

Is there someone out there who is doing the same to me?

The thought of hurting someone scares me,

but I must,

because I love you

and will never give up a chance to be with you.

So, to all the girls that I happen to break your heart,

I'm sorry.

Isn't it Ironic...