The little things,

Clawing at my mind,

Driving me mad with furry.

Society has pushed me to put a leash on my primitive self,

Causing me to be a shell of a human.

Blind red furry, the color of blood,

Eating away my insides,

Just like the toxins shoved down my throat.

People are suspicious of me.

They have no reason.

Is it just because I don't want to conform?

Because I don't want the easy way?

Well fuck you,

You soulless wretches.

You mock me because I want to be me

And not some assembly line drone.

I'm going to think for myself.

If you don't like it then try to stop me.

You are nothing compared to my primal rage.

If you stand in my way you will be crushed.

I'm not here for your pleasure.

I'm a human being.

I have thoughts,

I have opinions,

I have strengths,

I have weaknesses,

I have flaws,

I have fears,

I have hopes,

And I have dreams.

The raw emotions,

Beating like a wardrum in my heart.

I want to scream.

Muscles tense,

Nostrils flared,

Fist clenched.

No longer will I sit on the sidelines,

Agreeing with everyone on the bench.

I have a name:

Jake, the romantic,

The philosopher,

The warrior,

The lover,

The human being.