Glance around, see no one here
Alone, alone
Wondering where the fliers went,
The kindred spirits and loyal friends.
I can feel them beside me, but why can't I see them?
My steel wings folded against my back,
The feathers catching the sun, reflecting it back,
Back into this nothingness.
Calling, calling out,
My voice returns to me again unheard.
Yet still I feel them close to me, beside me.
What does it all mean?
Knowing I am not alone,
But feeling alone?
Spread my wings, take to the sky,
Feeling the wind above me
Below me,
Flying solo, without companions,
And with companions still.
It feels so strange,
So alien.
Empowered within the sky,
Stronger inside.
Can't see them, yet knowing they are there
Guiding me here, helping me reach this point,
Flying with me for so long.
Now it is my turn,
My time,
To fly alone.
Thank you all for being who you are,
For showing me,
Who I