Night Dream

I hear my song playing in the background
While I walk barefoot through a cold desolate room
It is dusk and all pillars are highlighted in ice blue
As I get closer to the center room
I can make out the shadow of a figure
He stands on a throne of white marble
His eyes pierce through the darkness like sapphire
I keep approaching slowly, rhythmically
As if I am under a spell
He lifts his hand to call me
I obey
I can see him now
Tall, lanky, powerful, dark
My legs weaken, my pace quickens
I run to him
The room, his throne becomes farther from my reach
My mind and heart alike know I must reach him
If I am ever to survive this vague idea of a world
Almost there, I reach out
I fall onto my knees before him
Touching the marble of his throne
I look up to see my messiah
There is no one
Just whispers in the wind
Apologizing for the rain that will fall from my eyes
I cry out into the darkness
Numbness takes my voice prisoner
Then a light from yonder
I yield to the purity of it
The diamond light
It dims to a glow sympathetically
Then I see the most amazing creature
An angel draped in sunbeams
Her skin is pure silver and on her she bears an auric crest
Where she draws her light from
She kneels down to join me on the floor
She puts her arm around me to comfort
A finger pressed against my lips
Words are meaningless now
I breathe in awe, I breathe out awe
It's like everything was fuzzy but now focuses
I realize the constant pain was meant for me
I was born to recycle tears
To make an impression on this world of night
She gets up and opens a pair of French doors
Leading to a balcony
Where underneath lies an abyss
Feet placed upon the railing
I scream
Arms spread, she falls
I can't move, I am immobilized from this damnation seen
Inside something snaps
A light protruding from me is released
It flushes the room
I am victor
Dark repels, waiting for its chance to take my mind again
For now I bask in the sun
Savoring every second I have in this phase

Katie Frew , 2004