I still don't know if I did you harm
Just goes to show my complete lack of charm
Still, I am a dreamer, you are eager to live
I hate to seem a bore with nothing to give
But I am…
You agree…

So if I keep a bullet for you, keep a bullet for me
I'd have to say it's true that you could never see
That if I've got this bullet for you, what do you have for me?

And though I cannot hurt you now
Guilt is forever, I made a vow
To sit alone and never see you again
I'd hate to say that you were always too vain
But you were…
So was I…




I hope you forget all I've done
Forget that you told me I was the one
'Cause now I know you're with another man
He'll hurt you, disappoint you, he won't understand
But I've gone…
And you're glad…

(ends on "So if I use this bullet on you, then what's left for me…?")