Love, the intensity was too great for us to bear
Oh, I'd run straight back to you if I dared
And yet the same day you loved me
You said it was too much to take
And, my love, there really was too much at stake
In springtime

(you're like poetry…)

If only we could live in the same house in the same town
But we cannot: all we can do is drown
If only our kiss could last a lifetime or two
But this love must sleep tonight
Oh and darling, you know, I really hope that you did right
In springtime…

(you're dead to me I'm dead to everyone around…)

If only we didn't have to forget
Love, if only the rain wasn't wet
My love, our love was too strong to contain
I'd burnout rather than hurt you again
Just let me be alone forever then I'll be alright

(I'll be fine love
It's springtime: how could I be sad?)

Oh, the ferocity of our love will last
As I blow kisses back into the past
And love I hope they find you
For now I know I'll never hold you again
And if, I ever fall in love, it will never be the same
As in springtime



Sweetheart, I'm sorry if I ever made it hard
By loving you until I had to drop my guard
I hope you never loved me
I'd rather you forget me
If it would help you to sleep easily
In springtime

(the springtime of my life has almost died…)


Oh… I don't even want to sleep
You see the dreams of you are sweet enough to make me want to weep
You know that sometimes…
I wish you were here
To share in springtime

It's springtime
Everybody's telling me I'll be alright
In springtime
Everyone expects that I shall be alright
In springtime
And I don't even want to be alright
In springtime
I love you
It's springtime…