So when you want me to submit
You throw me down, but not a whit
Of sympathy
I don't want your sympathy
All I want is pain
It can't be the same again
So I'll hold on, and devour
All my hatred, however sour
And bottle it up until I fall
Aborted foetus, fighting all
My hypocrisy
The anger is rising in me
But it must subside, I cannot let it out
Then the pain will go
Mustn't let my beloved pain go
Watch my flying through the air
Whoever said that life was fair?
Not me, I know and this is true
Not me, I know that even you
Would see the bitter lining there
A bilious flipper, crusted, bare
You have your pain from killing me
So let the blood go bare, you see
That silence gets you nowhere, grim consent
Thinking of the wounds that lie gaping and rent
Limb to limb, hurting me and making me bleed
I love my pain
I'll destroy my seed
Callously, violently, retch on me
All I am worth, so hopelessly
And yet I still have my pain.
Oh, the shame