Okay, So This Time It IS For Real

How I laugh, and how I cry
Looking back on days of old
I thought I could touch the sky
I dared to be quite so bold

As to speak of life and love
Phrases not strange to my mind
I never believed in God above
I never thought that I would find

Non-delusional love like this
Look at me, I'm smiling still
A second with you is a lifetime's bliss
I'm sorry, I haven't had my fill

I'll wash my hair so I look less grim
To walk by your side is a privelege true
The candlelight had grown so dim
I did not think I would find you

Here I am, your name on my lips
With the imprint of our last kiss
The violins and waterfalls that rip
Through me
Do nothing to me
If I can hold your hand
I think you understand
You're not the first
I'll be your worst
But here, I can't stop saying your name.