Going to sleep to dream of being alone
Awaking to live my dreams
Anywhere we went felt like home
Nothing ever was what it seemed

Sweetheart, if we're ever there for eachother
We'll burn ourselves out far too fast
We may have spent time together as lovers
And I think I thought that it would last

I'm feeling profound and I feel like I'm strong
I'm enjoying loneliness, you knew that I would
I'll never accuse you of leading me on
My love, being alone really does feel good

Oh God, I love you and I want you to stay
I'm damaged by your absence, broken and tired
Our love had to sleep in a tragic way
I don't think it will ever lose its fire

I don't remember if you looked like this
But I still spent endless hours alone
Reliving the intensity of our last kiss
Because I'll probably never see you again