Oh, what do you think of the way that I talk?
I do not believe you have seen me since…
I'm fully aware that I bob when I walk
Every breath I take makes me wince

Oh and where is the good life?
Won't you stick with me until we reach a conclusion?
I'm fully convinced that our love's an illusion
Please take me home…

But I declare today
That all the times I never tried to say –
"I love you and I shall be yours"
Yes, all these times I wanted to say it, of course

You sweetheart, you tell it right
You always can tell when I'm sick and ill
I promise you I'm no Stanley Kowalski
I promise I won't leave when I've had my fill
When I've had my fill
It's time to kill
I'm in the wrong
And I don't belong
In your arms
I'd only do you harm
So tell me if I should leave
I don't want to be bereaved
But I truly don't want to hurt you