Heavy penalties, you drew
These heavy penalties that slew
My self-esteem
My rotten, bleeding self-esteem
I cherished my suffering, always strong
I cherished this love for far too long
And should the rabble's cries abate
Should they try their thirst to sate
The black cloth bag that will cover my face
Will show my heart, my heart will race
A twisted cadaver, aborted too late
When the rabble's cries abate
I'll sleep with my hangman, tossing him off
A case of cystitis and a whooping cough
I'll break my neck to steady my nerve
I got The Knack, I have The Verve
Until I'm real punk rock I'll remain afraid
Let the grey skies and the brutal sun fade
There is too much fear in this, my heart
I'll run my own race from finish to start
So don't you stare into this great abyss
The black eyed calling ejaculates bliss
I want to lie twitching with period pains
Oh, leave me alone to account for my gains
And when I cry havoc to help with your case
You may own my soul and leave me in disgrace
The hawkers are dead and the news has been sold
But all that I read is so terribly old
And everything is sad.