There's a place for a mad man crying without sound
Blindfolded, gagged and murderously bound
There's a basement with a pipe that's leaking all day long
And the madman's screaming that he's done nothing wrong

There's a desperately sad man screaming out in pain
And his broken mirror fragment makes him paranoid he's vain
There's a chain around his hands and there's one around his feet
But he's retained his sanity so he is more than just cold meat

There's a grave for a dead man buried in the sand
And he's lost both his legs, there's still a dressing on his hand
But there's no way you can help him, he drank all his own blood
He's happy to stay smiling, smiling in the mud

There's a cold, hungry man who's bleeding on the floor
And his comfort is a scalpel and his true love is a whore
And he likes to think he's broken and he wishes he were dead
And he's never ever spoken, he's got sickness in his head

They all share the same name, and they all have the same face
And this one man is laughing at his calculated fall from grace