When I Found Love


I am bored.

It's my summer vacation, and here I am lying on my bed with the remote in hand. I heaved out yet another yawn and continued to scan the channels. So far my summer has been typical boring days. My family couldn't afford to go on vacation this year. My mom is a single parent with three kids. The oldest is my big brother, Peter (His real name is Pedro, but he loathes the name). Then me, the typical middle child. And lastly, my youngest sister, Laura. But it wasn't like my mother couldn't afford to bring the three of us somewhere; it was the rest of the family.

Early this year, my mom's brother brought his family to live in America. They stayed with us since no other family lives in this state. They have three kids, Jessica, Ana and Andy. The oldest, Jessica, is twenty and is currently looking for a college. The middle sibling, Ana, is sixteen. Her birthday was in January of this year, and where they came from, she already graduated high school. Since she has her diploma, the state won't accept her to a high school, thus she will be starting college early. Last of all, the youngest brother, Andy who's two months younger than me. With a big family, you couldn't really bring us somewhere since about two months ago, my uncle and aunt finally found jobs worth keeping and they are saving up the money so they can find a place of their own.

My summer has been eventful occasionally, but wasn't all that fun. One of my friends moved out of town, but still too far. Also, my best friend down the street moved. Now she wasn't walking distance away. Though, some parts of the summer was fun, I would now and then go out with my friends before they all went to their family vacations.

Suddenly, I hear the phone shrill with life. I didn't bother to answer phone in my room; I think my lazy summer is getting to me.

My mother's voice bellowed out my television, "Jodi? She's here. Hold on."

As expected, I hear a knock against my door.

"Jodi, for you!" she calls through the door.

I groan while getting up. I grab my phone. "Got it! Thanks!"

I hear her footsteps slowly fade away and I answer the caller, "Hello?"

A bubbly voice is my answer, and I immediately recognize the caller—Cheryl.

"Hey Jodi! What's up?"

I pause, looking up. "My ceiling."

"Ok, how is your summer?"

"Boring as hell."

I hear her chuckle at my monotonous respond. Her laugh has always been infectious and I couldn't stop myself from laughing back.

"So did you get the job?" I asked when we settled down.

"Oh! Yeah! It's so great! Man, when they said mansion, it's an understatement!"

When Cheryl called me in the beginning of the summer, in one of our topics, she mentioned she was looking for a job. She found an ad asking for a 'nanny' to take care of a toddler. Cheryl responded to the ad since she had the needed experience and what she found was surprising. The parents of the child are divorced, so they had a joint custody of the boy. But, the surprising thing was the father of the child is a CEO of a local company who lived downtown in a mansion. A nanny was needed when the father would bring the boy home, but since his schedule is hectic, they needed someone to care of the boy.

"That's great! I'm glad one of us got a job. But you deserve it more." I also was looking for a job to occupy my summer, but luck wasn't on my side.

"Well, maybe I can get you to work with me. You know how a kid can be a handful."

I immediately felt something in my stomach. "Really? You would do that? Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I couldn't stop thanking her. Just imagine! My summer from turning downhill to up! Since Cheryl had very good persuasive skills, I knew I had a chance to get the job.

"Awww, don't make me blush." Cheryl jokes, and I could almost see her putting her hand on her cheek and fluttering her eyelashes.

We talked about the job, the mansion, the young boy, and so forth.

"Oh! Before I forget," Cheryl cuts through. "I called you because I was wondering if you would like to go to the movies with us this Saturday."

"I don't know. I have to check my schedule here." I take a quick glance at my calendar jokingly and I hear Cheryl laugh, "Well! I'm free."


"But, I have to check with my mom first." I inform her.

Cheryl groans, "Girl, you know she'll say yes."

True, but I wanted to make sure. Case my mom wanted me in the house. But I knew my mom would definitely say yes.

I chuckled, "I know, but its better safe than sorry." Suddenly I remember Cheryl saying something about 'us'.

"Who else is going?" I mused.

"I asked Sandra. She's going. Devin might go and… Eric."

I haven't seen them since the last days of school. Sandra is a friend, but we're not that close as Cheryl and Sandra are. I didn't know Devin much, but Sandra and Devin use to be an item.

And Eric, I meet him in junior high, but we never talked till high school. We had one class together, and with the help of Cheryl, I got to know him. I also had a crush on him in the beginning. Though, I didn't act on my feelings and so no one knows about my crush on Eric, not even Cheryl, who knows more of my life then anyone.

We finally stopped talking when I had to go eat dinner. Just as I predicted, my mom said yes. She also offered me money, but I declined. I had money saved up from a sale my friends and I did in the early summer.

Later that night, I lay in bed, thinking only about the upcoming Saturday. I couldn't wait to see Cheryl again and… Eric.