I hear the pounding and the breaking of my bones

I hear the cracks, the screams, the moans

I see those once beautiful eyes

Turn into ugly disgusting cries

I cry for help I cry from the pain

I wonder if you have become insane

It hurts so much you hitting me

I guess is this is my only fee

You act so nice and you always smile

I look at you and there I see a mile

A mile of secrets and a mile of care

A mile of moments I cannot bare

You kiss me hug me with all your might

But the anger is almost just in sight

I hear your tone rise along with your fist

In the air is my own salty bloody mist

I want to run I want some help

But with you hurting me all I can do is yelp

I want you back here with me

I want to see all that makes me happy

I want you here

Not angry somewhere

I hear the sirens, the shrieks and screams

As my parents see me as it seems

I'm lying there no one to hold

All I feel is my blood, thick and cold

You are long gone after you see

All the dark things you did to me

You can't believe you'd go so low

You feel grief from head to toe

You can't stand to see the proof

That your anger has hit the roof

You run out of my site and leave

Your sanity you must retrieve

Now I lay in a white light room

Awaiting my cold silent tomb

You have killed me with your weapon of hate

You have closed and locked my lonely fate

As I look over my body I do not fear

I have no more love songs to listen to or hear