Despondency of the Masochist


As the Masochist lies in hurt,

There are few who wonder what troubles her.

Instead they merely jeer and laugh,

Derisive comments stinging like the lash.

Opening and wounding the Masochist further,

To loving those that do hurt her.


She cannot resist that which eludes her,

Wishing that He would lustily think after.

So she waits silently in pain

For a lover who can remain,

Attached to her as she is to him,

Who can love her faults as she grows thin.


Still she waits until the day,

That lover comes to take her away.


The one she loves currently,

Was inadept at deciphering

Her many moods and twisted words,

With several meanings for him to learn.

The Masochist tested him relentlessly

Until she grew too fond of him.


He could not learn to read between,

But knew when to say what he was feeling.

From him the Masochist could have learned

What to do,

Instead she panicked and off she flew.

She left him there alone and confused.


A frightened animal lives in her skull,

Governing her actions was the ne'r do well.

Several personalities haunt her corpse,

Which is now nothing but a shadowed form.

The one that loved and hurt so deeply,

Lies buried beneath and grows sickly.


The Masochist cries out occasionally

But quickly grows quiet, her strength is waning.

Sometimes she mumbles incoherently

Because her voice is low and meekly.


What she says not all are sure

Only that she never wanted to be spurned

Away from someone she loved dear,

"Sadly I know but fear",

A thing she muttered aloud and gasps,

As she sees her lover passing fast.

He brushes by but does not acknowledge

The fact that a hand reaches out to snatch him.

He continues on, leaving her to waste

Away on her knees, pleading "Oh please!"


Still she waits until the day,

That lover comes to take her away.