Marion was not in the least bit surprised to hear a talking cat. She stared at the cat, which we now know is named Vinnie, for a few seconds, nodded thoughtfully, and went to make herself a cup of coffee.
Now one thing that is crucial to know about Marion, and possibly the reason why she did not scream and leap out the window at the sound of a cat talking, is because she is not a morning person. So the single most important thing to know about Marion is that she must have her coffee in the morning before she is required to do anything sensible. Like think.
So Marion made herself a steaming cup of coffee (which is ridiculous to say the least, as it was at least in the mid-nineties outside) and sat down at the table, where Vinnie sat waiting for her. Point in making: Marion takes her coffee black.
And there they sit, Marion sensibly in a chair, and Vinnie insensibly sitting on the table. Marion stares at Vinnie, Vinnie stares at Marion, Marion stares back at Vinnie, Vinnie stares back at Marion, and so on and so forth, until the author get really sick of writing about staring and moves onto the next subject. Finally Vinnie gets sick of staring as well and clears his throat and says. "Hullo."
"Can you shut up until I'm finished with my coffee; I have to make sense of this." Marion asks rather kindly.
"You've been finished for five minutes." Vinnie points out placidly.
Marion stares down into her empty coffee cup. The coffee cup stares back out at her, but we won't get into that. "Oh."
"Hullo," repeats Vinnie.
"Hello," says Marion.
"I'd like some porridge, if you please."
Marion has nothing to say to that, and is unwilling to start up the staring again, so she gets up, puts her coffee cup into the sink, and goes into the bathroom. She peels off her white CareBear tank top and plaid boxer shorts, turns on the water, and hops into the shower. She soaks in the water for a few ten seconds, turns around, and is pleasantly surprised (not) to find Vinnie sitting on her shampoo shelf.
Vinnie raises an eyebrow. Which might seem impossibly for a cat, but Marion Ross now knows otherwise. "Cat! How the hell did you get here?" She asks, searching the wall for any cat-sized holes.
Vinnie shrugs, which again, might seem impossible for a cat, but I won't get into that. "That is what I came here to tell you, Marion. But first, get me some porridge." Marion, sick of being bossed around by a cat, detached the shower nozzle and sprayed Vinnie on full-blast. He yowled and leapt out of the shower, ripping her Target shower curtains as he did so. "Wait in the stupid living room, stupid cat. Let me take a stupid shower and I'll get you your stupid porridge." She waited for a (stupid) reply and peeked out of the shower, and saw nothing. Breathing a sigh of relief, she stepped back into the tub and took a long, luxurious, cold, three minute shower.