By:Andrew Troy Keller

It was on the Second day of July,when a handsome explorer named Cuyahoga Jack Parker has arrived at the small Colorado town of Bearclaw to go in search of something that some of the townspeople had claimed to see.

They've claimed to had spotted a young naked woman running around with a pack of wild wolves--and that she has been doing so each and every single night for the past sixteen years.

Just then,after he has finally heard enough from all of the townies,Jack has finally decided to go find the wolves' den and get to the bottom of that whole 'wolf girl' thing once and for all.

And so,after he had loaded the bullets into his pair of six-guns and started marching into the deep woods,a sudden thought had came to him--what would happen if he was able to come into contact with the girl herself?

A few minutes later,the answer to that question had came soon enough,for as soon as he was halfway towards the lair of the wolves,Jack's eyes had grown as wide as saucers,because he had found himself face-to-face with a Yancy Butler type beauty who was standing stark naked and next to one of the wolves.

"Hello!Can you tell me your name?",asked a curious Jack."My name is Jack!You don't have to worry!I'm not going to harm you!"

But then,after both the wolf and the girl had heard the sound of other wolves howling at the full moon,they've ran off towards the source of the howling--and after he had realized that they might be able to lead him to the wolves' lair,Jack had followed them all the way to the howling sound.

Just then,after he had finally it to the den and noticed that the girl and her adopted wolfpack had left to go hunt for some food or something like that,Jack had walked into the wolves' den and was able to find a pink blanket on the floor of the cave.

And after he had picked the blanket up and took a locket out of its pocket,Jack has opened the locket and was shocked to discover a picture of a man and woman holding a cute little baby girl.

"Holy shit!This is a picture of Jonathan and Sabrina Farnsworth!",said Jack,who was indeed able to recognize the CEO of Farnsworth Industries and his wife,who had been reported missing by the Colorado State Police on July the Second,Nineteen-Seventy."Which means that the so-called 'wolf girl' is actually their daughter!"

And then,at that moment,Jack had realized exactly what he has to do--and a few minutes later,after the wolf girl and her adopted pack had returned to their lair,some of the wolves had detected an unusual scent coming from inside the cave.

And even though her adopted brothers and sisters had tried to keep her out of the cave,a wave of curiousity had became way too strong for the wolf girl to ignore and she had entered the cave,only to get herself captured by Jack,who had also placed a chloroform-dipped cloth over her face,in order to make her fall asleep.

Then,after he had looked outside the entrance of the lair and noticed a pack of very angry wolves standing between him and freedom,Jack had pulled out one of his six-guns and fired some warning shots at the pack,causing them to scatter away from their very own lair and allowing Jack to get away with the wolf girl herself.

About a week later,after Jack's car has arrived at the Beverly Hills,California home of Jonathan and Sabrina Farnsworth,both he and the newly cleaned up wolf girl had gotten out of the car and walked into the house,where other members of the Farnsworth family and their faithful servents were all on hand with smiles on their faces to finally welcome their long-lost Victoria home.