Scarlet lights blurring into one
Beneath her painful salty tears
She sits and sees the world go by
But she's not quite as she appears
Clutching onto a small blue box
She dials up all those she may know
But is met my an empty voice
Of the standardised answer phone
A trauma to the heart
How her world fell apart
She huddles in the bitter cold
Wishing she could head back indoors
But shudders at the thoughts of
The vacant, empty walls and floors
The scarlet lights fill up her mind
Of strangers who could by her friend
But those who claimed that they loved her
Brought her to a pitiful end
A trauma to the head
Is a world filled with dread
Electronic noises pierce through
The smothering indigo sky
She bites her lip, picks up the phone
Tells the voice where she is- can't lie
She gets told to come home quickly
But she sighs- she knows this routine
Hoists up her bag filled with her junk
Something so human seems machine
A trauma to the soul
Under someone's control