Chapter 5: The Full Development

-I yawn the next morning and get out of bed, stumbling yet again to my side, this time the left side of me wobbled a little. I end up falling back onto my bed. I knew almost immediately this had something to do with my boobs. I look into my bra and am shocked to see that one boob has enlarged a bit more than the other. Now THAT was weird. Then again so was this whole bra business. A little worried about it, I decide to ask my mom what was going on. I scurry upstairs, my breasts jostling up and down a bit with me as I ascend my staircase. I burst into my mom's room in a panic, not knowing she was still half asleep. She looks at me with a tired glare in her eyes before pulling herself up out of her bed. She gets up and hobbles over to me, looking at me curiously.

"Well?" she says tiredly "What do you want?" "Well uh....you know my breasts?" I say awkrardly. "Yeah...." she replies, her eyes barely opening to look at me. "Well, see....I have little problem....one seems to be just a tad bigger than the other"

She chuckles a little bit and her eyes suddenly awaken slightly.

"Dont worry about THAT, Bobby" she tells me in a laughing tone of voice "Thats perfectly natural" "It is?" I say looking up at her oddly "Yes" she says "Quite natural, in fact my boobs were...." I back off a bit "Uh....no offense but I REALLY dont want to hear this..."

"Ok ok" she says going back to her tired state of mind "Im going back to bed" As she heads back to bed I sigh nervously. What if this WASN'T natural? I mean, what did she know about MALE breast development? For all I knew, one breast may have STOPPED growing altogether while the other one continues....what if something's gone wrong, and the one still growing will continue to grow until it is enormous and can no longer be contained inside the bra. I shake a bit now considering the twisted posssibilities and the chaos that would ensue if any of these possibilities became a reality. I mean, would all those girls still like me if I had a size B breast near a size D one??? I cringe a bit thinking about my twisted figure if that were to happen. While doing all this thinking I wobble over to my dresser, and yank a Tshirt out from inside the drawer. I sigh nervously, almost weighing my breasts with my hands under them, one of them was somewhat heavier but maybe my mom was right and this was a natural occurence, although heading down to the bus stop I wasn't so sure. I mean sure Ashley couldnt notice since my bra cups were the same size but what if my bigger breast continued getting bigger and burst out of my bra in front of people. I close my eyes and shake that thought away as I near Ashley, who almost seemed to smell my fear.

"You alright?" she says in a concerned tone. "Well..." I say panting a little bit "Im just afraid... I guess" "You mean about having boobs?" she asks me. "No.....at least not so much, it's just the fact that I think....." I then gulp and swallow my pride "I think....one breast may be developing more than the other. "Oh is that all?" she says with a laughing smile "That happens sometimes, it's completely natural dont worry" I sigh with relief feeling many troubles leave my entire body at once. For some reason I didnt believe my mom when she said that, but I seemed to believe Ashley about everything. Just then I feel a warm rush go up my arm. I look down to see Ashley has clutched my hand. I look at her and she smiles at me warmly. I smile nervoulsly, the heat of the moment sending sweat all over my body. She reaches over at me with her other hand and wipes some sweat off my forehead. She smiles reassuringly at me now "Dont worry" she says softly, releasing her grasp on my hand and moving away towards the bus which now pulled up. I stood there a few moments longer, my feet seemingly locked onto the ground, only releasing their imaginary grasp on the ground when I hear Ashley's voice calling me on. I get onto the bus behind her as she offers me a seat that she seemed to have had reserved just for me as the seats all around it had been filled.

Ashley once again gets behind me and looks down at me from her seat. I turn around looking up at her with a smile. "So...." she says to me "You okay about having breasts, right?" "Yeah" I say slowly at first "I mean, it's really not that bad, my bra rides up sometimes but you get used to it...." "Wow" she says "I cant believe how cool you are about this" "You know... I cant either....but I really dont care too much" "Well you shouldnt, I mean, if you look at the big picture, breasts really aren't that big of a deal"

She was right, but then again I had realized that already. Even though I shouldve been more freaked out about my development I was barely worried, and the developing was a hardly noticeable process, it seemed to just happen, only being recognizable after maybe 24 hours where the breast tissue appeared to expand just a little bit. It seemed like recently however that the breasts were going through accelerated development. I guess they had to since I was 15 years old and still had breasts the size of a 12 year old girl. They would have to catch up to my age in terms of size.

Upon arriving at school, I peek down at my bra, as I had been doing every second since I was wearing it, and saw that my other breast had become more plump and was now closer to the size of my other breast. In other words, Ashley was right and the breasts were now becoming equal sizes. At the rate they were going it wouldn't be much longer until the breasts expanded enough to completely fit the bra. I wondered just how big they'd end up, then again I guess girls do that too, but seeing as how this bra seemed to never come off, what if they became too big for it?

Just then I see Kim who walks to my side. "So..." she says looking at me "How goes the developing?" "Oh, fine" I say "But I was wondering....what size bra is this?" "It looks like a B to me, could be a low C though" "Is that good?" I ask . "It's okay" she replies with a shrug "If thats how big you want em" "Well it's not like I have a choice, they're just gonna keep developing until they're full size" I say "Well they'll probably keep developing until you're 18" she tells me. "18? You mean they're gonna keep growing another 3 years?" "Probably.... but it shouldnt be a huge growth" "Well they're a lot bigger than they were a few days ago..... by the time Im 18 they'll be HUGE!"

Once again, it had seemed I had reached a state of panic. All this time, I hadn't thought of the long term effects breasts would have on my body, the most obvious being Id have to wear bras EVERY day, and walk around awkrardly at times, plus Id be at a MUCH higher risk of breast cancer.

All these breast related challenges that soon awaited me, began to make my knees shake and teeth chatter a little. Breasts would change my life so much and it had taken me until now to realize all this. Realistically Id probably have breasts forever, there was no turning back now. Kim looks over at me and frowns.

"You're miserable arent you?" she says letting out a heaving sigh. "What do you mean?" I ask. "Oh c'mon, youre worried about your breasts now.... look it'll be okay" she tells me.

With great sympathy and concern in her eyes Kim comes closer to me and I inch closer to her, she wraps her arms around me and give sme a warm comforting hug. I sigh a bit, this really didn't have to be such a sad moment and just then came an annoying interupption that would screw up the moment anyway.

"Hey!" I hear some girl shout. I back away from Kim just in time to be mauled by Brittany who wraps her arms around me and starts talking to me in a sexy tone. "C'mon Bobby be mine! I MUST have you" she says to me, a seductive smile crossing her face. I back off from her. I thought she was.....alright to say the least but she was really not my type....at all and this whole hugging thing was creepy. "Leave him alone" Kim says with a groan. "Or what?" Brittany shouts back. Uh-oh these 2 girls were about to have a cat fight....over me. That never would have happened back when I was without breasts. I run and dash into the corner as the 2 begin to get in each other's faces. I wanted to stop the fight but what could I have done at this point but watch?

I cringe and move further back with each ensuing blow. I then run towards my first class.

At the end of the day I hop on my bus dodging Kim and Brittany who seemed to battle with each other. I flop onto my seat in distress. I sigh and realize something, I had completely forgotten about my breasts the whole day, they had almost become natural to me now, and when I look down I see a shocking sight, they were swelling more, and becoming more tender, when I tap them with my fingernail slightly, I can feel life within them, they had almost reached maximum size.

When we get off the bus Ashley looks at me oddly, as a feeling of almost pain came over me, an uncomfortable sensation cascading down my chest had caused me to cease motion and stop nearly in front of her. She gets down on her eyes until her eyes are level with mine.

"Whats wrong?" she asks. "My breasts" I say "They feel like they're pushing out of my chest"

She steps back nervously, unable to stop the pressure that was pressing through me at that moment, the breasts finally expanded, and it made me more relieved as the mild pain began to stop. I get up now and look to her "Its done" I say

And indeed it was, I now had the breasts to their perfect size, they now fell into my bra at last, and I sighed in relief and pride knowing I had gone through it, but what would the future hold? Just then, Ashley leans over and gives me a kiss on the cheek.

"See ya tommorow" she says

Yeah, tommorow. Tommorow would begin a new life for me indeed, a new life....with breasts.

THE END....?

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