Author's Note:  Rhian and Gavin have returned!  This is the Sequel to Princes are Evil.  If you didn't read the aforementioned story, then you probably won't understand this one.  Although you might.  I'm just not that great at recapping things.  I guess you don't really have to read the predecessor for this to make sense.  If it doesn't, then just ask me, and I'll supply the details.  ^_^  That is all.  Please enjoy the story.

Royal Predicament

Chapter 1:

Hi there!  For those of you who do not know who I am, my name is Lady Rhiannon Delaney.  Although I go by the name Rhian (rye en).  And, I wasn't really a Lady anymore.  No, really.  I wasn't.  Currently, I was in the paradox between Lady and Princess.  No, really.  You see, I fell in love with a prince (broke his spell, too, but that's not this story).  Now, we were currently in the Happily Ever After stage of this fairy tale.  No, scratch that.  Happily Ever After appeared to be permanently on hiatus. 

And all this was because of one person.  I happily dubbed her QC (Queen Catherine, Gavin's mother).  You see, she had this strange notion that I was actually going to become queen some day.  (Surprise, surprise, what with me on the brink of marrying a prince).  And she also had this crazy idea that I had to go through this 'training' to become queen.  In fact, she was vile enough to say that I was "too vulgar to even be considered a princess"!  The nerve of that woman!  After all I did for her.  I broke her son's curse! 

And what was that curse?  What, are you too lazy to read the other story?  This isn't called a sequel for nothing!  I made him laugh! 

Sorry for being a bit touchy there.  It was just…she made me so mad

But there were several ups to all this.  You see, my Gavin is the most wonderful, sweetest man ever.  Ex-nay on the whole him being turned into Nolan.  He was sweet.  (Sometimes.)  Well, fine.  So, when he got his memories back (don't ask, that was a trying period), he had two memories, thus no longer being the perfect prince, but rather….normal.

I just called something normal?!?  Nothing was normal in my life. 

Take my best friend, Leah.  She was a commoner.  A Lady being friends with a commoner!  Ah, long story, again.  Just take my word for it.  I am not normal.

Also, I have a cute little pet.  (Cute and little….and demonic when he wanted to be.)  His name?  Ash!  Named after Leah's little brother, the cute pest that he was.  Ash (my pet) was a little wolf-puppy.  He was so cute, chasing after people and biting them. 

What did you expect?  He was cutting teeth!  Oh, come on!  They weren't bleeding that bad!  I mean, nobody was dead.  Everything was fine!

And the castle we lived in!  Far from normal!  It was huge and white!  When I said white, I meant just that.  White!  It was so white it was…..white!  And it loomed.  And let me tell you…creepy looming castles sucked.

So, yeah.  I met my true love, had a grand ol' adventure, and now we were back at the castle (yes, the looming castle).  In fact, we had been at a party held in our honor (homecoming!), when QC had so graciously took me aside and told me her wonderful plans. 

Graciously as in she dragged me away from Gavin's side.  He looked about ready to tear apart his own mother (blame it on the Nolan side of him). 

"Rhiannon, dear.  There is something we must discuss…" she started.

Right.  This was where the last story had left off.  I didn't want to hear this.  This would be the part where Happily Ever After just got stolen away.  Damn bandits!

"Eventually you understand, you will have to marry Gavin, thus making you Princess of Reise." (wonderful kingdom.  Really, beautiful.  Especially in the winter!)

Ok.  That wasn't so bad.  And here I thought she was going to tell me I was about to become queen.

"Of course you will become the queen of our land once Gavin ascends the throne on his eighteenth birthday."

Yeah, sure.  Wait….  Eighteenth birthday…?  Hastily counting in my head, I came to the realization that my beloved would soon turn eighteen.  In December!  No!!!!

That gave me… October, November…Two months?!?  She couldn't be serious!  I wasn't ready for that kind of responsibility!  I was only sixteen!  Hello?!?  A queen at the age of sixteen?  I didn't turn seventeen until April!  This was not happening.  This was not happening…

"Don't look so fraught, child.  I shall send for your mother, and, together, we shall turn you into something worthy of the kingdom of Reise." 

Right, the Fairy Forest was looking extremely inviting now.  I wanted to run away….again.  I felt sick.  No.  What with…all the politics I would have to learn.  All the etiquette.  All the…boring things.  I couldn't do it!  I couldn't!

I walked away from an excited QC feeling wiped out and dejected.  That was, until Ash came bounding up to me and literally threw himself in my arms.  Awww.  He was such a sweetheart. 

"Damn mutt," Gavin muttered as he stepped up to me.  "You know what he did—what's wrong?"

He must've seen the look on my face.  I really needed one of those poker faces.

"Nothing.  Nothing at all," I said, smiling at him gingerly.

Did he believe me?  No! 

I cried out as he grabbed my ear, earning many stares from other party-goers.  We must've made quite a spectacle.  The wolf puppy, blood dripping from his mouth, in my arms.  Me, crying out while Gavin pulled on my ear (stupid Nolan part of his personality!). 

"Ow!  Ow, ow, ow, ow, ow!  Stop!"

He obliged and glared down at me.  "Are you going to stop lying to me and be a good little girl?"

I stuck out my tongue at him, earning me another pull on my ear.

"Ok!  Ok, ok, ok!" I cried out. 

Ash growled at Gavin until he backed up a few feet.  While the two were locked in a glare-down, I casually began to speak.

"Oh Gavin, my wonderful love," I cooed insincerely, batting my eyelashes.

He stopped glaring at Ash to frown up at me. 

"Your wonderful, wonderful, wonderful," the last part was said with venom I couldn't keep out of my voice, "mother has so wonderfully told me that I am to become the next wonderful queen."

He blinked at me.  "Well, yeah.  I am a prince.  I will become king someday."

"Yes.  On your eighteenth birthday," I said, dropping my smile to scowl at him as I stalked up to him.  I was sure that fire was burning in my eyes.

He gave an uneasy laugh.  "Did I fail to-"

"Yes, you did!" I snarled at him. 

"It's not that bad, Rhian.  You're being melodramatic." 

I was being melodramatic?!?  That was so like him!  Egotistical jerk!

"She's going to put me through some boring training!" I cried out, spreading my arms for emphasis and dropping Ash in the process. 

Ash, who loved me for some strange, unfeasible reason, turned on Gavin instead of me and growled menacingly.

"Oh come on!  She's only going to teach you basic knowledge.." Gavin started, but I cut him off again.

"I believe her exact words were 'I shall send for your mother, and, together, we shall turn you into something worthy of the kingdom of Reise'.  That's basic knowledge?!?"

I was mad.  I was extremely mad.  I was furious I was so mad! 

"I'll have a talk with her.  She can't possibly mean that she would try to change what I love most about you," he told me.

And then I stopped being mad.  He was too sweet!  I felt a childish urge to hug him, and did so, eliciting a laugh from him as he hugged me back. 

Then, the room was silent for a moment.  Once again, we were in the spotlight I so loved.  Then, everyone started 'aww'ing and cooing at us.  Yes, weren't we so cute?!?   

Until Ash took this time to chase the guests.  Yes, they had become mobile chew toys to him! 

Gavin and I broke apart, then we glared at the puppy. 

He ruined our little 'cute' moment!  What was up with things always ruining 'cute' moments?!?  It was like they were against us, or something. 

"Ash!" we cried out. 

The puppy immediately cowered and came trotting back to us.  But, the damage was done, and the room was empty. 

It was empty?  Oh, the possibilities!  I gave Gavin a smirk, but he was looking at me in a different way.  One that made my heart beat faster.  Yes, that kind of look, people.  What did you expect?  We were in love!  Couples in love tended to kiss.

Don't get all crazy over it!  It didn't even happen.  QC took this moment (awful, how that always happened!) to enter the room. 

And she once again received Gavin's death glare.  Wow.  We had only been home for… two days?  And already she had earned his glare twice in one day! 

"I wasn't interrupting anything, I hope," she said, smiling as she walked up to us. 

Ash growled at her. 

I knew that wolf-puppy was good!  Ha!  What a wonderful judge of character! 

"We have some more guests, however.  Lana has just returned after a bout of flu.  And Collin has returned from his search for the both of you."

Oh, right. 

This was bad.

Bad as in It was back.  And his evil, scheming sister had returned as well! 

"It would be polite if you announced your wedding engagement to them," QC said, looking at me in scorn. 

Why?!?  If I remembered correctly, she was the one who insisted I stay to break the spell!  What, was this pick-on-Rhian-because-she-broke-the-curse-and-now-Gavin's-free-to-marry-whomever-he-chooses?!?  What happened to me being the best?!? 

I'd like to say that I took all this news calmly and maturely. 

Yeah, me?  Calm?  Mature?  Nope!  Never!  I latched onto Gavin's arm and whimpered.  The evil people were here!  The evil people were here!

He gave me a humored look, then nodded at his mother.  "Of course.  We'll be happy to see them."

I felt like smacking him.  No we wouldn't!  We wouldn't at all!

He walked forward, making me trail him like the puppy that was behind us, still growling at QC, but at the same time making sure I wasn't too far from his vision.

And where was Leah through all this?  Well, you see…

Leah had met this really nice and handsome young man…a knight?…who belonged to the king's elite forces.  His name was Christian.  And he had really beautiful blonde hair and green eyes.  Yes, he was blonde, but it wasn't that ow-my-eyes! blonde that It's hair was.  And speak of the devil….

"Lady Rhiannon, you are safe!" It said, running toward us. 

Ash growled, and I was close enough to Gavin to hear him growl as well.  Aw.  My puppy had grown on him!  That was so sweet! 

I remembered when we had first come into the castle, and Gavin insisted that it was either the puppy or him.  Honestly!  That was so childish and melodramatic.  Perhaps I had grown on him too…  Anyway, Leah had told him that if he didn't let me keep Ash, then she'd just take the puppy.  Either way, he lost!  He gave in, but said he wanted nothing to do with the creature. 

Now, look at him.  I didn't think that he'd want to get rid of Ash now.  Especially when Ash was chasing It around the room.  I watched as the wolf-puppy suddenly took a big bite out of It's rear-end, then  I looked away, grimacing. 

"What I said about that…wolf.  I take it back," Gavin said softly.

I smiled at him.  "I knew you would.  Isn't Ash the best?!?"

We had another of those 'cute' moments.  You probably don't want to hear about it.  Or you'll start going crazy on me again. 

Eventually….after a long while….we called Ash off.  We didn't want the puppy to kill him or anything.  That would be bad.  Who knew what kinds of diseases Ash could get from that….thing. 

The puppy happily bounded back to us, and I caught him as he leapt into my arms. 

It gingerly rubbed his sore bottom.

"And Gavin!  What a pleasant surprise."  It's voice was much higher. 

Ash was so good!  I pet him, and he licked me, earning a glare from It.  Hey!  He couldn't glare at my puppy!

"I'll bet," Gavin said, frowning.  He, too, pet Ash, although it was more nonchalantly.

Ash was about to bite his hand when I tapped the puppy on the nose and shook my head.  Biting Gavin was a no-no.

"It's good to see that you're both alive and well," It said, trying to grin, but failing miserably. 

He had awful acting abilities.

"Yes.  And you are as well?" Gavin asked. 

It laughed.  "Well, there was a bit of trouble with some kids, but nothing I couldn't handle."

Ash and his friends!  I loved those kids!  Which reminded me that I had to send for Leah's family to live at the castle.  One of the major reasons she had come to Lihtorpa in the first place was because her family was in financial stress.  I made a mental note of that, surprised that Leah hadn't mentioned it to me.  Everyone was still believing that she was my cousin!  That was one of the best acting jobs I had performed!

Gavin laughed as well.  "Yes.  Kids will be kids."

It frowned at us.  "But, wow.  You two seem awfully cozy."

So true.  Gavin had his arm around me, and I had my head leaned on him.  We looked so cute!

But wait…It's gaze was almost….murderous as he looked at us.  I had a lot of practice in reading into people from my time at Fairy Town. 

"We're getting married soon," I said, smirking at It's aghast face.

Of course, I never said that I would follow what I read.  Sometimes, it was too much fun to goad others.  Especially with It.  He was…evil.  He was the stereotypical prince (unlike Gavin).  He cared only for himself and believed that others would do the same.  And his sister was no different. 

"You're both alive and well…?" a feminine voice asked.

Well, speak of the devil.  If it wasn't Frazzled Princess herself.  Lana.  Bleh.  She was enough to make me want to vomit. 

A glance at Gavin showed he thought the same.  He stood in front of me protectively.  "Lana," he all but snarled.

Aw.  He and Ash were becoming so similar!  It was endearing, really.

"Gavin," she returned and even curtseyed.  "Glad to see you arrived home safely."

Ok, a bit about Lana.  She was infatuated with my Gavin.  Yes, my Gavin.  Not hers!  I felt like snarling myself.  Ash was rubbing off on me, too, then?  Anyway, she wanted to marry him: curse or no curse.  That, of course, led to my pondering over why?  Financial distress?  The will to become queen at any cost?  Was she really in love with Gavin at all?  It was all questionable.  She had so many different motives.

And she was giving me the most venomous look I'd ever seen.

That was when….Ash decided to attack.  And we were left to watch my wonderful wolf-puppy chase down a clichéd prince and princess.  Don't worry, he didn't kill them, pity though.  Because then I'd never have had the problems I was about to encounter, would I? 

Happily Ever After?  Not with them around.

"Rhian!  Come!  We must get started!" QC cried out, dragging me away.

I felt like kicking and screaming, but Gavin, himself, was being dragged away by his father.  We were going separate ways!  I'd never see him again!  Noooo!!!!

Over-dramatic?  A bit.  I was led to a classy settee and told to sit down.  I did so, sitting and earning a scoff.

"No, no!  That's not good at all!" QC declared.

I frowned up at her.  What wasn't good?  What'd I do?  I sat down!  That was it!

"You must never…ahem….plop down anywhere from now on!  You must sit with an air of grace."

An air of grace?  Grace?  Me?  I glanced around behind me.  Yes, she was talking to….me.

Lana chuckled at me as she entered the room and sat beside me on my settee.  "Yes, be graceful, Lady Rhiannon," she declared.  She crossed her legs and positioned her hands so that she resembled a portrait. 

"That was a wonderful example, Lana dear," QC commented, then looked expectantly at me.

Grumbling to myself about the evils of crossing your legs, I did so and put my hands on my lap.  I thought I resembled Lana to a tee. 

Of course, It entered the room and immediately guffawed.  He guffawed so hard he was soon writhing on the ground.  That was a picture I'd never want in my head ever again. 

"That's not quite right, dear," QC said.  She tried to reposition my hands. 

"That's not right, either," Lana said, trying to reposition my legs.

People were touching me!  Royalty was touching me!  I was being contaminated by snooty people who talked down their noses at others!  Dear God!  I thought PC germs were bad!  What if I actually….(gasp)….turned into them?!? 

Not only that, but they were hurting me!  I cried out and thrashed away, knocking Lana off the settee. 

It, who had picked himself up to watch us, was suddenly on the ground again, pounding it and laughing like there was no tomorrow.

QC frowned at me.  "I guess that is enough for today," she said softly.

Lana, who had been helped up by some servants, was glaring at me.  "You did that on purpose!" she accused.

Maybe.  Well, yes.  Wait, no.  But I didn't hold any remorse. 

She stalked out of the room angrily.

I would've said I was sorry, but I wasn't.

"We need to work on your manners as well," QC told me, then she sighed.  "We have a long way to go."

There was doom in that.  I was sure of it.  Doom!

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