Lost Intentions

Verse I:

Lost intentions and no ambition
Nothing left to live for, no point
She broke my heart, all that's needed
To ruin a life for eternal hell
Cared for her all the time
Didn't seem to ring a bell though
Ripped me in half to see her.
Flirt with other guys on and on


Lost intentions for a poor soul
No reason to be on a roll
Cause I've given up on hope
Someone give me a knotted rope
Hang myself, end my life now
One, two, three, I struck out from fouls
Please let it end so fast
That sorrow people won't be able to cast
Verse II:

Sit here in a room
Not knowing what to do
Waiting for a call or text
But nothing so far
Called her but she's busy
Always like that; maybe she doesn't talk
But I think the real reason
Is she changed her mind again about me


Verse III:
Back from her lovely trip
Before she left, she said
We could hang out every waking hour
Of every waking day
Now she is back, doesn't seem to want to
A friend told me she likes another guy
As usual, I fall yet again
This is why I have no intentions
No ambitions for a poor soul