This is terrible!!! Ugh! Ok, well I'll put it up anyway. Poetry annoys me. I'm sooo tired! About the poem…oh, just read and review, will you? Please? And check out my other poem and my story. Cheers.



I'm so tired

Why do I bother?

Why am I here?

Why do I keep trying?

What's the point?

Is anyone listening?

I'm so depressed

What do you care?

Why should you care?

Is it your problem?

Is it mine?

Is it a problem?

Is anyone listening?

I'm so ignorant

What does the moon look like tonight?

What was it like last night?

Will I see you again?

Do I want to see you again?

Does seeing mean I have to believe?

Is anyone listening?

I'm so sick of this

Why won't you listen?

Why won't anyone listen?

Is anyone there?

Am I alone?

Will you come back?

Is anyone listening???