2. Be Nice To My Brother
Oh, dearest brother- the pain in my side
I promise that I'll be nice from now on
I'll lock up all my anger deep inside
And all of those death threats will be withdrawn
From now I vow to turn the other cheek
Except for when you erase my saved games
And then the outlook could be rather bleak
But I promise to stop calling you names
Except for "Snuggles"- I'm sticking with that
And perhaps the occasional "Snotnose"
I promise to stop the deadly combat
Quit biting your wrists and breaking your toes
It's impossible to be nice to you
But, hey, there, I love you- I really do
A/N: Ok, so this is a tad more sentimental but I'm not giving up picking on
my brother. That's what siblings are there for! So, basically, this poem is
for Jack!