It's so beautiful here up at the top

No one can touch me no one can hurt me

I can fly higher and higher to not get hurt

When someone close is hurt I can flee

There is one fault of the top there is one mistake

I can't feel the best and most joyous thing ever

The one and only thing you can't live without

I am to be alone and unloved forever

I have no one to wake me from a bad dream

I have no one to hug me when I cry

I have no one to quiet me when I scream

I only have me myself and I

So I become more vulnerable and less shy

I set down my shield and my wall

I let people have my fragile heart

I let all my defenses crumble and fall

Now I am truly happy I am filled with glee

I play and talk to people all around

I love and cry and all those emotional things

Happiness, sadness, and love I have found