Who are you?
Who are you to save me
A total stranger to us both

They were pulling my hair
Holding me back
As I tried to jump the fence and get away
Pointing guns
Shooting bullets at my feet

Then you came
On your white horse
Golden hair flying behind you

I thought you were crazy
Jumping into this fight
You took them off guard and I ran
But you took me and held me
Your breath on my neck

I broke free again
Running until out of breath
You picked me up on your stallion
And rode of with me in your arms

Then everything replayed
And when I saw you coming
For the second time
I fled to get away from you

Why would I run from my savior?
I will never know
Does it have to do with I thought you were crazy?

In this dream of running away
My questions wont be answered
And I'll have to stay
Questioning myself on why
Why I ran from him.