Lush greenery enveloping me,
Closing me in,
Entrapping me within.
I hack it all apart, becoming free once again.
But no, no. .
I am not free, the vines and plants tangle me.
Help me, help me out of this entrapment.
What happened to the others?
Those who helped me out before?
I know you are here, come out.
Stop playing games with me.
I rip apart the plants in anger,
In fury.
I see the light, so close yet so far away.
No more, anymore.
A realization,
Truth revealed to me,
As I break through the suffocating greenery.
No games played,
No tricks done.
It was all merely a way to encourage,
A way to tell me this challenge is my own,
This battle is
My own.
No words ever spoken, but the message is clear.
I understand it now.
Now it is done.
Now I am one.
But not alone.