Jumping into waters crystal clear,
Feeling the coolness all around me as I fall beneath the water,
Refreshing against the skin.
Push against the ocean floor, head towards the sky.
Can't breath, suffocating, dying.
I no longer see the sunlight reflecting through the waves,
No longer know which way is up,
Which way is down.
Fighting against the pressure around me,
Longing to be released from its hold.
The waters,
So cold, so cold.
Too much for me to handle, too much for me to deal with,
I'm not strong enough to fight against the sea,
I'm so young, only seventeen.
Lacking in skill,
In patience.
Help me, my breath is failing,
Help me, my life is slipping,
Help me, the light is dimming.
I can no longer fight against the sea,
The crystal waters all around me,
Pushing against me,
Pulling me under,
Sucking all hope, all strength out of me,
Wearing down my battered soul.
I can't be there anymore,
Not if I die instead of live on to help,
Not if your sea pulls me under.
Oh God, I'm downing!
I'm lost,
Lost beneath the waves of your sea.