Oh My Gosh, it's done. 'The Hardest Thing' is done FINALLY. I know you all probably expected more from the ending, like, I'm not sure, but I really wanted to finish this story before 2005 started. This has been a troubling year for me so I want to start off fresh for 2005. That has nothing to do with this story, of course, but it feels relieved to finally be able to say The End.

I would like to thank everyone who has read this story, whether it's one chapter or two or the whole story (ahem, Shinco & GM & AsMoon & Passion 101) and stuck with it until the end. Thanks for the support and the finished version of 'The Hardest Thing' goes out to all of you. I'm surprised by the reactions of this story because I actually hadn't thought of it to be that worthwhile but thanks for changing my mind. Thank you to everybody who reviewed or didn't review…just Thanks for reading.

I probably won't post anything for a while, what with midterms and all that crappy school stuff. I'll be back…meanwhile I'll be a reviewer since I like reading stories as well as writing them. I'll check out your works, if you've posted anything. Thank you. TTYL.

Thanks to everyone. The End.

-BroKen ArRow