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Justin kissed Lucas heatedly, running his hands up his shirt and lightly clawing his back. He heard Lucas gasp softly, and smirked into the kiss. This was something. Really something. An incredible kind of something, the kind that only happens in movies. He felt Lucas's hands touch him lightly, carefully, and felt his stomach flop. It was crazy how just one light touch could make him feel like he was flying. But then, it was Lucas.

Lucas made him feel like he was on a roller-coaster when he looked at him.

Lucas made him feel like he was drowning when he smiled at him.

Lucas made him feel like he was whole again.

He pulled away roughly, remembering he had to breathe, and looked up at the older boy. He was gazing down at him, dark eyes filled with lust and some other emotion no one could name, but everyone knew. His hair was mussed and his lips were bruised. His breath was ragged and his heart was pounding against Justin's own. This was Lucas Roy. Not the leader of the school gang, mind-game lover, and heartbreaker Lucas Roy. Lucas Roy, the guy who saved him from a father who wanted him dead. Lucas Roy, the guy who's father kept sending him out of the country. Lucas Roy, the guy who could kiss so good it was hard not to open your mouth and plead for more.

Lucas Roy, the guy he was pretty sure he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

"What do you want?"Lucas asked softly, his voice full of lust.

"Life." Justin replied, too hazy with lust to stop himself from saying it. "You. Me. This. Forever."

Lucas looked down at him, eyes full of something he'd never seen before. It was something that made him feel like he could run a thousand miles. He smiled down at him, and the smile turned into a grin. He looked like Justin felt: like he'd been waiting all his life to hear those words.


And they sealed it with a kiss. And a whole lot more.


Keith walked back through the hallways of school, so very bored with life, that he thought about giving himself an electric shock just to pass time. He was trying to distract himself, much like that kid Donny Torrello. But not from Lucas.

No, he was trying to distract himself from his distraction.

Did Tyler always see Justin when they had sex? He didn't know. Somehow, the thought irked him. He had started this thing seeing Lucas every time. But somehow it had changed. He was seeing Tyler too, sometimes. And whenever he did see Tyler, everything felt... a lot better. Not just when they were having sex, either. When they talked. He could tell Tyler anything. Everything. He could tell Tyler about his old home-life if he really wanted to. And he felt so comfortable around him...


He heard someone fall to the floor, and it finally occurred to him that he was spacing out in the middle of a hallway. He looked down to see the object of his every thought on the floor. He helped him up and smiled.

"Hey. You ok?" he asked. Tyler looked up and smiled.

"Yeah. I'm fine. What were you thinking about?" he asked.

Keith didn't know what to say. There had been so much on his mind just then. He wanted to tell him, but...

Oh well. Might as well take the plunge...

"Do you ever think about me when we have sex?"

There was a long silence. Keith had expected as much. It was a personal question, that came from out of nowhere. And it was a hard one to answer at that. He'd be worried about what to say if Tyler had asked him that. He looked down to see Tyler's blush, and smiled.

"Yes, sometimes."

He was a little shocked by the answer. Tyler was shifting from foot to foot, very uncomfortable. Keith could fix that.

"I think of you too, sometimes. Not just during sex either."

Tyler looked up at him with a smile.

"And I've been really thinking less and less about Lucas, you know? It seems like..."

"Yeah..." Tyler said with a smile.

He looked down at Tyler. With his big brown eyes and innocent smile. And he realized a few things. Among the most important, Lucas wold never give him the time of day and he didn't care. Justin was not a target for anyone but Lucas anymore. And most importantly, Tyler was there for him. All along. Since the day they'd met.

He leaned forward and kissed him. Really kissed Tyler. Not Lucas. Tyler. It was a sweet, soft kiss, but it still held its passion. He felt Tyler kiss back tentatively, and moved closer to hold the boy. The kiss grew more passionate with every second. Tyler's tongue swept the inside of Keith's moth with lazy skill, and Keith felt dizzy with lust. And...

And love, he guessed.

Because what else could make you feel like this? Like a complete whole when you weren't one before?

He didn't have time to think, because Brother George had just come through the School doors, looking less than pleased.


Brother George eventually unlocked Lucas and Justin from their closet prison, and sent everyone home. Justin and Lucas hopped into the car and started for home, sly grins on their faces as they thought about what Paris would be like. Keith went home with a smile on his face, feeling like he was flying because Tyler had told him to come to his house the next day, and to be himself, not Justin.

Tyler stayed after. And wrote.

Dear Students of St. Peter's Academy,

This is my last letter, and I want you to know who I am: I am you. Each and every one of you. Because you make the school, with the crowded grey hallways and the restricted section of the library, and the gang everyone fears. You make Brother George the strict man he is, and you make the football team the monarchy it isn't. And I want to say one more thing. There are three people out there who were a real part of my life for a while. This is for them.

I pick up my pen

I know what I want

To say to these people

To say to the world

But then, in my mind

I see your face

And I falter

'Cause I wonder

What you'd think

What you'd say

If you knew it was me

Hiding under these words


The Claw


The end, people! *throws confetti* If you wanna find out what goes on between Donny and Ethan, look out for my next story! (I don't know what it's called yet. *sweatdrop*)