A/N: This is just one part of a series of color poems. Each one plays on the connotations
and images conjured up by the color in question. White, in Western culture, is seen as
innocent and clean. Personally, I think an abundance of innocence is both overrated and
dangerous in today's society. The "innocent" people I know are ignorant of many
important facets of life, and opening your eyes to reality is like crashing into concrete.

"As Snow"

There is a perfection in purity
To be in possession of something
Left so untouched and unsullied
That color cannot consume it

Unadulterated innocence alienates itself
Trapped in globes of glass
Fragile, brittle bubbles of a nonexistence
That outsiders observe coolly and violently shake
Disturbed plastic flakes of white settle down
And ever so picture perfect, the immaculate remains
Still and standing

Cleanliness is godliness
And to be that close is
To meet Him more than halfway
The perfect will rise without pretension

Upon the mountaintop
Dusted with snow so cool and white
The pressure mounts and the air thins
Breath is so scarce that to consume it
Seems superfluous
Quietly, sluggishly, life begins to escape
As the molecules decelerate into a dead stop
And everything becomes
Absolute zero

Light must always acquiesce to darkness
And what is white hot becomes white cold
Columns of ash will catch the wind
And scatter