A/N: This is one of a series of poems based on the connotations of colors. Violet is a
regal, mysterious color – an intriguing combination of red and blue. There's a lot of
compare/contrast between red and blue, how they mingle into purple. Red and blue are
opposites, which makes violet such an interesting color. Everything goes back and forth.


He was the red-hot King of the Blues
In a world of scorching blue sky days
He came in on a breeze and his warmth permeated the room
So controlled and commanding

He ruled his domain adeptly
With a sharpness that defied his gentle demeanor
A shark in still waters, he lays low
Only to strike out most aggressively

I was easy prey under his penetrating stare
Compelled by his air of mystery
Passion bubbled and burned in him
Though he played it cool as ice

He gave me an amethyst on a chain
To signify the birth of our love in February
A nasty, bitter month of gray whose chill is
Tempered by trademarked red and pink valentine cards

Dressed lavishly in lavender
With an orchid ornamenting my hair
He took me in his arms and we danced
Our frenetic, mismatched frequencies found harmony

He's a man so hot and cold
That I strove to run both taps at once
For a lilac lover loves the best
While too much red or blue will smart

Tempers flared as days went on
And discord thrived and took hold
Red hot love fizzled into cold, biting hate
A culture clash of cataclysmic proportions

A bouquet of violets lay strewn across the floor
Petals severed from the stems in a fit of fury
When he left that very last time
I knew for certain that love was violence