As the excited twins stood in that strange hallway thoughtfully staring at the paintings on the wall, a maid walked by carrying a feather duster and carefully dusting the paintings. She gasped as she saw the children, and in turn, the children jumped.

"Argh!" the maid cried, "you kids scared me! What are you two doing here anyway?"

"Um," James fumbled with his shirt, "we're just looking around – we were quite bored."

"Sorry" Janice added with her hands behind her back, fumbling with her long brown hair.

"That's quite alright," said the maid, "lemme just dust these paintings, and I'll leave you two kids to wander look around."

As she dusted the strange pictures that seemed to be moving, James and Janice quietly stared at the paintings. There was no doubt about it now – they WERE moving! But it was so faint, so subtle that it seemed that the maid, who was now humming softly, couldn't even see it! The twins looked at each other and seemed to be thinking the same thing "Is it possible that only WE notice it?"

Finally, when the maid was finished, she walked away and left the twins alone. But before she disappeared around the corner, she looked back at the twins with a mischievous gleam in her eyes and chuckled softly to herself. The twins, who were so enthralled by the paintings, didn't notice her at all…

James looked around before finally turning to Janice. In his eyes, Janice could tell that he was thinking hard about the pictures and maybe a little scared. James, on the other hand, could tell that Janice was scared.

"Well?" said Janice impatiently after five minutes of staring at James.

James sighed. "I dunno. These bloody pictures are weird. I say, let's go play hide-and-seek again!"

Janice's eyes grew wide and she suddenly pointed to the pictures. James whirled around and gasped. They were in front of the picture of the girl in the garden, and a bright yellow light seemed to be coming out of it. The twins gasped in unison as they suddenly felt a strong wind envelope them and lift them off the ground. Janice, who's ears were filled with the deafening roar of the wind, merely yelped as she and her brother, hand-in-hand, were pulled into the picture itself…