And once again, here I am, hurting over you.
I can't help it, the pain you cause just ebbs and flows.
You know that I love you, and you know I care,
But I know you don't care nor love me, the feeling never grows.

This hurt numbs and kills me so slowly, yet so painfully,
So won't you tell me how to stop the pain as it invades?
I know it's linked with my never ending love for you,
But I guess that this true love just never ever fades...

Every night, images of you just flood my mind,
Your presence in my mind just won't leave me alone.
Your presence, it's polluting my mind with bad thoughts,
Thoughts that make me unhappy, all the way down to the bone.

And when I lie awake, resting my head my head on my pillow,
My thoughts drift to you once again automatically.
I try and fight it, and try to think of another girl instead,
But my mind just does these things unwillingly.

I want to be free from you!
I just want to let go!
But the reality is
My heart won't say no.