Why don't you smile for that picture?
Why don't you smile for that picture?
Saturday, Saturday, Saturday night
Crashing the place like Grease Lightning
Gonna' drink yourself stupid
With beer from your parent's stash
Kangaroo shoes
With a condom inside
Gonna' be the pimp
On Main Street!
Make your move
Coo and woo this and that
Scoff all the girls
Who're ugly and fat
And why, don't you smile
For that picture?
Oh, you suck up
Suck up
Suck up
Character is irrelevant
In the time of ecstasy in which
You spend
Tight jeans, tight shirts
And pretty goo
Ultimately comprises
The girl
For you
If the house were to catch fire
You wouldn't care
As long as you've been laid
If apocalypse was a day away
You'd break out the weed cigarettes
And still
For your pictures