Last night I had the strangest dream; I wandered through lost lands.
Barefoot I trod across the vast and scorching desert sands
The sun began to burn my neck, my throat grew hot and dry
Then amid the humid haze your figure I did spy.
In your hand you held a glass, and liquid shone within
Clear and cool, but on your face there sat an evil grin.
I held a pleading arm outstretched as slowly "Please" I said;
My lips were cracking in the heat; my tongue so split it bled.
"This?" you spat "Do you desire to share in what is mine?
I only have enough for me. I'm sure you'll be just fine"
"Please" I said, " I'm thirsty. Spare just a drop or two."
"No! Instead I give you this to show my love for you"
And in my hands you placed a blue box all tied up with string.
I tore at it with claw-like hands, which couldn't feel a thing.
The sun beat down so savagely my blood began to boil.
The box open, I peered inside; all it contained was soil.
And you began to laugh a sound so evil and so cruel
"Like I said, you'll be just fine, you stupid, trusting fool!"
My legs buckled beneath me and I fell down to my knees;
I looked at you with blood-red eyes and once more pleaded "Please"
I was so void of water now I couldn't even cry.
But as you slowly turned to go, lightening seared the sky.
Darkness fell across the land as thunder roared o'erhead
And rain fell down from blue-black clouds, reviving what was dead.
Droplets landed on my lips and ran across my cheek;
I stood slowly and looked at you - my legs no longer weak
The water lapped around our feet. In your eyes I saw fear.
"What's going on?" you screamed aloud. "Please, get me out of here"
The water rose to round our shins. You cried, " I cannot swim"
And all the times the thunder roared, the skies grew ever dim
With water now around our knees I heaved a welcome sigh
For I'd remembered the blue box and what it held inside.
I opened up your 'parting gift' and tipped the contents out.
"Help, the water's to my waist" I heard you scream and shout.
But as my soil hit the water land began to form
Beneath my feet, lifting me high above the watery storm
"Please" you yelled, (the water now was lapping at your chest),
"You do not need all of that soil so please give me the rest".
"What, this?" I said, looking as the water approached your chin,
"You don't need this. You'll be just fine" and I began to grin.
"Please" you cried "I'm sorry. I never meant you pain"
But still the sky above poured down its torrential rain
The water rose above your mouth.
I stood and watched you choke.
I smiled.
I turned and walked away
And that's when I awoke.